Designer bedding products inspired by nature and art

Last Funded April 2024


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Distinguished Design Awards: German Design Award 2018, European Product Design Award 2017 & 2019.
Featured in Renowned Publications: Our designs are featured in Forbes, ELLE, Vogue UK, and more.
Brilliance Beyond Borders: Acclaimed in Germany, Poland, EU, launching in the US.
Sustainability at Heart: Zero-waste policies, 100% Polish-made, in-house sewing.

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Foonka - designer bedding moving to the US


Established in 2014 by Polish Designer Gosia Dziembaj, Foonka traces its roots back to the innovative concept of bedding that emulates the charm of a haystack.

Our brand embodies exceptional textiles that seamlessly merge utility with aesthetics.

Whether it's the haystacks, Baltic beaches, straw-filled stables, or fragrant alpine meadows, these places evoke memories and moments of pure relaxation, reflected in our evocative and remarkably realistic fabric patterns. Infused with cutting-edge textile printing technologies, our designs are truly unique and pleasantly unexpected.


Our belief in the enduring relevance of nature-inspired trends is a response to humanity's intrinsic needs. Starry nights, haystacks, and forest moss evoke a sense of tranquility often elusive in bustling urban lives.

Foonka products serve as cherished reminders of these timeless spaces, resonating across ages and cultural backgrounds.


At Foonka, quality design is paramount. With a total of 15 unique designs spanning three collections, six of our designs have clinched prestigious awards or distinctions. Furthermore, 10 of our designs are safeguarded by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). We've showcased our brand at 29 domestic and international exhibitions, solidifying our design prowess.


Each Foonka design brims with delightful surprises. Hidden details like needles in haystacks, mice among the straw, and hedgehogs on the moss set our fabrics apart.  The magic of photorealistic prints evokes a sense of wonder, and the thrill of uncovering these hidden creatures within the intricate patterns sparks joy across all ages.

HAYKA collection represents unique textiles that skillfully blend function with form, weaving a narrative of forgotten times and idyllic natural settings. The natural patterns adorning our fabrics create timeless products that transcend fashion and remain impervious to shifting trends. Embedded within the patterns are hidden elements, ensuring that each HAYKA bedding set is unique. Some may discover a lost button on their cushions, while others may find a moth or a needle. The chances of encountering two identical HAYKA bedding sets are extremely low.

The main idea of the ART collection is to present the art of contemporary illustrators, painters and designers. The most amazing feature of the entire collection is the fact that the artist, who is currently working with the brand, designates the next people who, in his or her opinion, should create new designs. Thanks to this, artists have an impact on the appearance and the direction of the development of the entire ART collection.

The SUMMER collection is freedom, space, peace; marvel at the amazing interplay of colors. It is the horizon we look out to while watching the rising sun and the sound of the waves on the turquoise sea. All around us, summer delights with the intensity of its colors. The patterns of the SUMMER collection are an admiration of the beauty of nature and an attempt to capture those fleeting moments of summer rest.


Since the very beginning, our focus has centered on sustainable and eco-conscious production practices.

Our products are a reflection of nature's influence, and our dedication to harmonizing with the environment remains resolute. Anchored in our "LESS WASTE" ethos, we're continously reducing our ecological impact.


In 2021, the FOONKA brand was acknowledged in the European Commission's report for its sustainable production practices. The FOONKA team has forged strong supplier relationships and built an efficient supply chain, ensuring premium materials and printing services.

The report is available at the following link:

The European division will be the supplier for the U.S. division.


Our products, design, and eco-friendly approach to production are highly distinctive and draw significant media attention. In Poland and Europe, FOONKA products have been featured in magazines and on television.



With a goal to transition from B2B to B2C, our organic growth since 2014 has been fueled by internal resources and bank support.

Our forward-looking financials are projections, and we aspire to expand our offerings based on customer preferences.


The home textiles market in 2023 is estimated at >$121 B


Forward-looking financials are projections and not guaranteed.

The Foonka brand is currently operated by Dizeno Małgorzata Dziembaj, a Polish company that is solely owned by our CEO, Gosia Dziembaj.

As the company grows, we have plans to expand our product range with new offerings based on predictions regarding customers' purchasing preferences and behaviors:

  • new BASIC collection - single-color designs, cheaper to produce and sell, complementary to the current offer
  • products for children - expansion and promotion
  • clothing collection - kimonos, pajamas, comfortable clothes for home use
  • products with natural filling, supporting good sleep, relaxation, exercise and meditation - quilts and weighted pillows, products used in yoga practice
  • complementary accessories - blankets, scented candles, ceramics, illustrations and graphics


Sewing room

We also collaborate with external companies for accounting, photo & video, and transportation services. Additionally, we utilize the services of external Polish sewing workshops for the execution of larger orders.


As the Foonka brand evolves, we're introducing new collections and products, ranging from single-color designs to children's products, clothing, and more.

Partner with us as we weave stories, art, and sustainability into everyday living.

Note: The Polish entity is currently operating Foonka production and sales. When the US entity finishes fundraising, the operations will be held by the US entity. The revenue streams will be then moved to the US entity.