Foodi Menus

Foodi Menus is disrupting hospitality by rethinking the way the world uses menus

Last Funded August 2022


raised from 28 investors


$7.2M projected ARR by 2025 (not guaranteed)
13 menu accounts set up so far
Foodi is the first company solely focused on menus, presenting massive data capture opportunities
Niche focus allows us to turn potential competitors into partners

Our Team

The odds are stacked against small restaurants right now, and I don't want to see a fast-food chain on every block. The fact that 70% of this industry is composed of single-location operators is inspiring. Small restaurants won't last long unless they can increase sales and reduce expenses amid inflation, hiring shortages, and supply chain issues.


Frustration with today's menu experiences motivated us to create a better option.

The average profit margin for a restaurant was south of 5%... before a pandemic, supply chain issues, labor shortages, and inflation.

Today, 80% of restaurants have lower margins than pre-pandemic, and 75% don’t expect that to change this year.

Foodi's focus is on creating an end to end dining experience that decreases expenses and increases sales - which starts with a better menu.

  • A menu that brings in new customers and drives revenue.
  • A menu that enables efficient processes, saving time and money.
  • A menu that helps customers become advocates.

    We’ve already launched our base menu management system so any team can create menus meant for the digital age.

    As our current product drives on-premise traffic, the next feature set will add table ordering options - alleviating the current industry staffing crunch.

    From there, the personalized Foodi app experience will be 3 to 9 months out

    While the US hospitality industry represents nearly $900 billion in annual spending, it's highly fragmented, with 70% of restaurants operating just a single location.

    Due to this fragmentation, we’ve found innovative approaches to reach Foodi Clients...

    Beyond direct sales, we partner with marketing agencies and website developers to use our system for their clients.

    They understand our product, value tech and marketing, and already have the trust of and connections to our target market.

    We’ve also identified a similar opportunity with local event coordinators.

    Through events we can reach and train between 10 and 100 prospects all at once.

    As we create industry integrations in the coming months, we’ll refocus efforts on direct sales before launching the Foodi app.

    Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

    At $35/month our software as a service product is priced low to reduce barriers to entry.

    Soon we'll launch order and payment options as an add-on feature, priced between $50 and $100/month.

    Our real money maker will be our marketing and data capture features from the Foodi app.

    While similar products can only focus on small hospitality market segments, we stand out with a narrow focus on menus.

    Every dining experience requires a menu, no matter if it’s a food truck, an event, or a hotel.

    This menu focus allows us to integrate with market alternatives, offer their services as part of our system, gain traction with their hospitality segment, and avoid competing for market share.

    As we grow, we’ll track menu interactions from users, start collecting massive amounts of data, then offer unique marketing features that increase the value of our app.

    So far we’ve cold contacted 75 local marketers and website developers, each representing many potential clients.

    Roughly 80% respond, 1 in 4 schedule an intro and a demo, 4 are in the Foodi system.

    They see the need for their clients. They believe in the product we’re building. They want a seamless menu experience.

    We also expect our local event collaborations with organizations like TriMet, 82nd Avenue Business Association, Venture Portland, and app developer BabbleBuy to result in major adoption over the summer.

    Our team includes an innovator who’s grown 2 different marketing teams from the ground up.

    A software developer with 20 years experience.

    A Brand specialist with 6 years experience in both sales and graphic design.

    Our advisory board with a combined 50 years tech startup experience.

    And Pristine Tech, our exceptional software development partners since day 1.