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We are business partners with musicians, actors, athletes, models, and influential content creators.
Creating problem-solving, must-have products that their fans and followers will buy
The global beauty & personal care market projected revenue of $646 billion in 2024.
Our talent partner's social media reach exceeds 50 million and will grow.

Our Team

Flowering Pharmacy® Marketplace - Celebrity, Influencer, Entrepreneur, Content Creator

Flowering Pharmacy® partners with public figures to create purposeful and authentic products that their fans and followers will love and buy. View our A-list talent roster of partnerships with celebrities, influencers, entrepreneurs, content creators, and non-profits.


We aim to build on genuine community engagement with purposefully designed products and authentic product storytelling to help expand our celebrity partners' brand reach.

We are business partners with all our content creators and celebrities; with your investment, we can increase that dramatically. 

Unlike brands that pay celebrities anywhere from $5k to $35k and upwards for one social media paid promotional or other media endorsement, our celebrity partners do this at no cost because you don't pay yourself to promote your own product.



With a growing sense of sensitivity today, artists must share their own 'why.' Helping artists peel away the façade between fans and fame helps break down barriers, paving the way for the most inspiring personal product stories, and establishing long-lasting brand loyalties.

Most celebrities are not as usually tuned in as their younger fans on these issues, so this is where Flowering Pharmacy steps in with education on ingredient origins, processing, and, most importantly…helping them share their 'why' behind their product's unique, one-of-a-kind creation.

Too often celebrity skincare and makeup lines seem like a quick cash grab scheme rather than a meaningful investment in the beauty community. When celebrities only serve as the face of the brand, it comes over as disingenuous and a money grab.

Other negatives of 'celebrity-inspired' brands include:

  • Celebrities AND influencers “talk up” their involvement with a brand, but then have zero understanding or relatability of what they are selling.
  • Consumers forget that a celebrity or influencer brand is still a corporation. As such, consumers blindly give those brands their trust and accept poor quality that they wouldn't normally condone.
  • The blah, blah, blah effect. Too many releases look and feel the SAME as everything else on the market.
  • Fans are being asked to pay more for the celebrity name, despite their lack of beauty expertise and high quality.

Six-time Sports Illustrated cover model, host, actress, and entrepreneur Camille Kostek has recently been TV hosting, Wipeout on TBS, Dancing with Myself on NBC, and even making appearances on MTV as a guest host on the hit show Ridiculousness and has over 2.1M+ social media followers. She is managed SMAC Entertainment. We worked closely with her to create a new brand, Blond Barke, and have just launched the first of several products.

Camille burst onto the scene and gained international prominence after landing the 2019 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine cover in her rookie year alongside Tyra Banks. She is in the 2024 60th anniversary Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for her 6th consecutive year. Camille's boyfriend is NFL Great, The Gronk.

Clean beauty and wellness has always been something Camille has been passionate about, ensuring whatever products she is using or wearing are safe for her skin, home, health, and most importantly her pets.

Camille's new fragrance collection, Blonde Bark, is a vanilla-themed collection of 4 seasonal fragrances and companion candles. Packaging artwork is all hand drawn and displays Camille's favorite seasonal locations. The high-quality ingredients in each scent come from Fairtrade suppliers and offer a luxury experience at affordable prices. 

Blonde Bark is Cruelty-free . Phthalate-free . Styrene-free . Paraben-free

Does not contain any substance listed in California Proposition 65 (aligned officially with the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986).

Blonde Bark offers full transparency with a complete ingredient and allergen list on it's product pages.

Another celebrity we are business partners with is the legendary Gloria Gaynor, known for her hit, I Will Survive, (here performing for Queen Elizabeth), which is still relevant today with Gen Z covered by Kylie Minogue who have collaborated on another song too, Harry Styles, and Lizzo. She recently had a worldwide release of an in-theater documentary, Survive. She has made recent appearances on the Kelly Clarkson Show, NBC Morning Show, and our co-founder Karen Sinclair Drake interviewed Gloria on Talk-Shop Live

Disclaimer: The celebrities detailed in this offering,, any promotional materials, and the talent roster are not necessarily shareholders or endorsers of this opportunity. 

Client Satisfaction

We're not just building excellent products; we pride ourselves on building trustworthy, personal relationships with all our celebrity partners - it's the social glue to all we do.

According to a study by Collective Bias, 70% of Millennials prefer product endorsements by non-celebrity bloggers, aka micro-influencers. They feel like they are more genuine and not biased. In fact, a study by X (Twitter) found that 40% of users made a purchase directly after seeing a tweet from an influencer.

Flowering Pharmacy Social Media Marketing

Although micro-influencers have a smaller following, we encourage our celebrity partners to tap into a more targeted and trustworthy way to promote and market their products. Micro-influencers have a better engagement rate because they are real people with actual real content. Followers are likelier to click on learn more, leading to a purchase. 

Instagram post designed in-house for Surinam fragrance designed with MusiCares, the charity arm of the Recording Academy.

Instagram post designed in-house for Florenz fragrance designed with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

30% of every purchase is donated to St Jude Research Hospital (Fighting Children's Cancer), and MusiCares (Providing critical health and welfare services to the music community).

User love answers today's question about a brand's or product's success. With 25+ years of prestigious health and beauty industry experience. Our expertise includes fragrance, candles, skincare, body care, hair care, makeup, wellness, tea, and coffee beverages. 

British-born green chemist and author Karen Sinclair Drake initiated her cosmetics career while studying Innovation Design Engineering and Contemporary Design at the Kent Institute of Art & Design in the U.K.

Intrigued by the intersection of art and design with complementary and alternative medicine, Karen spent the next two decades exploring functional medicine and the art of self-care. Embracing ethical, sustainable, and green principles in all her skincare research and development projects, Karen earned membership with the prestigious Society of Cosmetic Scientists and the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Karen also holds two patents for the first successful, clinically trialed and tested prebiotic-based acne treatment, and is a published expert in the study of human skin microbiome.  She has also been a guest host on QVC U.K. and U.S.A.


GLOBAL COSMETIC INDUSTRY Cosmetic Research Lab Gains Patent for Natural Anti-Acne Formula and Manufacturing Method

GLOBAL COSMETIC INDUSTRY Probiotic, Prebiotic and Postbiotic Beauty by Karen Sinclair Drake

GLOBAL COSMETIC INDUSTRY How to Measure Clean Beauty by Karen Sinclair Drake

Additional reading materials;

Karen is frequently asked to present, and attend international Dermatology Scientific Meetings. Below are two invite examples.

Paris, France symposium

Tokyo, Japan symposium

Our co-founder, Paul Drake has extensive experience in leading start-ups both in the UK and USA. From healthcare to personal care products, Paul has led a plethora of successful ventures—all built upon ethical foundations, corporate social responsibility, world-class safety standards, and innovative science-led technology. His vision for Flowering Pharmacy is to leverage 25 years of innovation & technology into partnerships with passionate celebrities and the management agencies that guide their careers.

It's our pleasure to offer you the digital version of our co-founder's book: Skinisms Book by Karen Sinclair Drake

Other book titles and expert contributors for the ISMS collection;

  1. Babyisms [possible co-writer with a known celebrity family whom we are in discussions with for a baby line.]
  2. Vagisms [possible co-writer friend Dr. Felice Gersh, MD. World authority on women's health.]

Our support of female farmers has been vigorously embraced by celebrity partners, forming a unique and socially impactful part of their products, "why" to help drive positive change.

This groundbreaking discovery was made after testing nearly 300 different botanicals and the synergy between them. Designed to treat mild to moderate acne and accelerated aging, this innovation utilizes a synergized patented extract of organic blackcurrants and European wild-crafted pine. 

Both are processed under a specific patented method. Unlike benzoyl peroxide, which kills good microbes along with the bad and disrupts the natural barrier, Prebiotic Activ Technology carefully nurtures friendly bacteria, helping them to outcompete the harmful ones to naturally treat acne concerns and other skin issues and diseases, including dermatitis. 

Each of these offers upcycled opportunities to transform into mysterious new perfume notes. (Karen calls these scents "curious accords" because they smell familiar, but you can't pinpoint exactly what they are.) 

The Flowering Pharmacy Perfume Design Team was recognized by the New Luxury Awards hosted by The International Perfume Foundation (IPF) in Paris, France, as winners for their Best Sustainable Brand 2022 category with SURINAM. Designed for MusiCares, the charitable arm of the Recording Academy, Surinam is a fragrant tribute to honor pioneer, naturalist, and artist Maria Sibylla Merian's exploration of SURINAM in 1699. 

The quality of SURINAM ingredients is based on the control of growing and distillation conditions and artisan-scale production methods passed down from generations of French perfume makers.

Instagram posts designed in-house for Surinam fragrance designed with MusiCares, the charity arm of the Recording Academy.

A Few More Projects

  • Created and manufactured seven skin care products for The Spa Dr
  • Created and manufactured a natural skin care collection for all Sam's Club Stores
  • Created, manufactured products, and provided field training for a Chinese multi-level marketing company with 130K distributors
  • Created and manufactured skincare products for a Taiwanese multi-level marketing company
  • Created and manufactured skincare, body care and wellness products for SkinSanity®, Derm #1 Skincare, and Tomorrow's Leaf® 

Florenz celebrates early pioneer Florence Nightingale, who had a vision for what nursing would become, laying a solid foundation for advancing the art and science of nursing and contributing significantly to humanity. The packaging design is inspired by the colorful and uplifting artwork of St. Jude patients Alana, Bridget, Cindy, Faith, Hazel, JaKayla, Maelin-Kate, and Madison and the hope and promise it portrays. Product page

The U.S. tea market was valued at $122b in 2022 and is projected to double in size to $160b by 2028. The global tea market is expected to grow annually by 5.08% CAGR from 2023 to 2028. There is a growing demand for specialty loose-leaf teas, including matcha, with consumers seeking unique flavors, functionality such as skin benefits from within, and high-quality wellness blends to help with sleep and stress. Social media is a key driver. 

Flowering Pharmacy has developed a unique vegan matcha rose tea blend with a novel pink aroma and color from rose instead of the traditional green color that imparts natural skin collagen-boosting benefits. Other actives include 3 amino acids, reishi mushroom, and MCT.

As coffee consumption rises, consumers will look for more innovative beverages that add diversity to their coffee drink repertoire. Coffee beverage blending development is underway with a handful of our celebrity partners to meet growing demands for coffee drinks that align with consumer demands for high-quality, sustainable products, innovative flavors, and functional wellness benefits. 

Bottled like perfume, each food & beverage fragrance is a combination of essential food oils mixed with either alcohol or grapeseed oil, making them perfectly edible and full of fresh, vibrant aromas. Flavors include various citrus fruits, spices, chocolate, flowers, and even trees, all designed to be sprayed over a mocktail glass or plate of food just before serving. 

Flowering Pharmacy's first endeavor with beverage fragrancing is with our rose matcha tea with natural collagen-boosting skin benefits. This is naturally fragranced with a high-quality aromatic rose that perfectly layers against matcha's earthy, grassy accords. For those who don't like the harsh green taste of matcha but love its benefits, this is a beautifully balanced way to get the best of both worlds.

As we sign off, we'd like to express how truly grateful we are for your precious time and interest in reading all these bits and bobs about us and the exciting trajectory this fun business model is on. As Diana Ross sung with such passion and conviction..."Ain't No Mountain High Enough" :-) xxx

Disclaimer: The celebrities detailed in this offering,, any promotional materials, and the talent roster are not necessarily shareholders or endorsers of this opportunity.