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Invest in Flakka Z the Movie

A teen thriller film with diverse cast based on the real "zombie drug" Flakka



reserved of a $100,000 goal

120% of Principal + 50% of Net Profits

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A unique signed 8x10 behind the scenes still.

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High return for horror genre, the lowest risk of all genres for indie films.
Movies that are based on true events/story typically perform well at the box office.
Flakka Film, LLC has low overhead and a logistically simple project, with 7 actors and 3 locations.
Brandon and Ian have helped produce 10 feature films, 6 of them Ultra Low Budget.
Team has 30+ years experience in Hollywood. Ian was a stunt zombie on The Walking Dead.
First look distribution deal with a distribution company. Streaming possibilities are growing.
19.7 million American adults (age 12+) battled substance abuse in 2017. Covid-19 made it worse.
Drug abuse and addiction cost American society more than $740 billion annually.

Our Team

All sorts of drugs ruin lives, but this street drug Flakka is particularly scary. Already known as the "zombie drug," it deserves a zombie movie to portray its dangers, and the human cost of any drug abuse. We believe that a cautionary tale about drug use is imperative for those who might experiment with drugs.

An INDIE film that will break out!

What's more entertaining than a horror movie ripped from the news in Florida?

Wefunder Legal Announcement:

We are 'testing the waters' to gauge investor interest in an offering under Regulation Crowdfunding to equity finance the movie called Flakka Z. No money or other consideration is being solicited. If sent, it will not be accepted. No offer to buy securities will be accepted. No part of the purchase price will be received until a Form C is filed and only through Wefunder’s platform. Any indication of interest involves no obligation or commitment of any kind.

So, please sign up and reserve your investment in our Flakka Z movie, because this helps us greatly to anticipate public interest. No money is collected at this time and when that is allowed you may also withdraw fully any time before closing.

The Story

Log-line: Teenagers partying at a lake house are terrorized by an unwelcome friend who’s taking a zombie prank too far, but learn that he accidentally overdosed on the bath salt Flakka that makes victims cannibalistic.

Synopsis: Before he goes off to college, Lucas looks forward to one final hurrah with his friends on a weekend up at his grandparents’ old house. But when his best friend Dylan brings along his contentious cousin, Mason, Lucas’ prospects for having a wholesome, fun time immediately turn sour. Strangers, booze, and drugs turn this weekend into a full blown party, much to Lucas’s chagrin. But things go from bad to deadly when a new drug is mistakenly ingested by Mason, rendering him equivalent to a rabid zombie. And he’s got a thirst for blood.

Redemptive Storyline: Believe it or not, Flakka Z is a redemptive story about loving your enemies. Lucas must choose to protect his own life and the lives of his friends, or risk trying to save Mason by trapping him to allow the drug effects to wear off. While the story ends tragically, Lucas realizes that he could have been a better friend to Mason when he had the chance. Ultimately, it's a love story.

Sizzle: Click this LINK to Flakka Z sizzle reel to watch the mood reel that we cut together (from clips of other movies) to give you a glimpse into how our movie will look and feel.

The Team:

Our team is positioned to make a ground-breaking horror film that audiences will love and has the potential to be a break-out success. Ian Eyre (Director) and Brandon Riley (Producer) have worked on more than a 150+ movies that spans both of their careers. Having a strong team is critical for the success of any low-budget endeavor and we have exactly that. We also have many mentors and advisors to call on.

Brandon has been the Line Producer on numerous movies that were all produced in the same budget range as Flakka Z. He was responsible for sourcing locations, crew and assisting with the casting process. He is a member of both the Directors Guild of America and the Producers Guild of America.

Ian co-wrote and directed the viral (1.7 million views), award-winning, urban short RUN CHOLO RUN (click to watch) which has a feature screenplay attached. He has produced and/or directed several other short films, including the Doritos spec commercial "BE BRAVE, DADDY!" with 23+ million views. Ian directed 2nd Unit action on the indie Western VENGEANCE TRAIL and 2nd Unit photography on the S. African thriller THE SILENT FALL. Ian owns TripleDare Stunts and works regularly as a union stunt coordinator with a specialty in flying people on wires. Together Ian and Brandon make an unstoppable team!

But we won't do it all by ourselves. The first step to a great movie is a great screenplay. Our amazing writer is Kate McMahon, and we just posted an interview with her in the Updates section. Kate is a screenwriter for hire who specializes in Horror/Thriller and Sci-Fi. She has a Masters in Professional Writing from UMASS Dartmouth, and a Master Screenwriter’s Certificate from ScreenwritingU. Kate has several screenplays in various stages and currently writes a movie adaptation of a thriller novel.

Flakka bath salt drug in the news:

The Risk

Any movie is high risk, but those risks can be mitigated.  We will deliver a high quality final movie that can sell in the marketplace.

"Extreme, clear-concept horror films are most likely to breakout." -Stephen Follows and Bruce Nash for American Film Market.

Horror audiences are less discriminating about star power and special effects. They just want to be scared. Full report at

"Finally, the rise of the movie production company Blumhouse has also contributed to the rise of so called “micro-budget” horror movies. The Blumhouse model revolves around keeping production costs low by hiring lesser known actors and paying them a cut of box office receipts in exchange for a smaller base pay rate. Blumhouse had their first hit in 2009 with Paranormal Activity ($190 million box office vs $50,000 budget), and have since gone on to produce more than a third of all horror movies since 2010 that have had a wide theatrical release in the USA. Blumhouse’s slate includes: The Purge, Sinister, and Paranormal Activity franchises, along with The Bay, Dark Skies, Oculus, Ouija, Jessabelle, Unfriended, The Gallows, The Lazarus Effect, The Visit, and The Darkness.

The Distribution

Distribution: Shudder TV, YouTube TV, Redbox, VOD, DVD, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Limited Theatrical including drive-in cinemas.

Flakka Z currently has a first-look deal with Green Apple Entertainment.

The Budget

Our goal is to raise $150,000. With this money we will be able to create a film we are proud of and be able to hire the proper crew and cast. Yes we could potentially do this movie for more or less but there are risks in going either direction. Too small of a budget could mean fewer days of shooting and a reduced quality of the film. Too high of a budget could make it more difficult for investors to recoup their investment. The good news is Brandon and Ian have worked on numerous low-budget movies and know how to pull off the seemingly impossible, a quality movie that looks like a million bucks.

Stages: At $50,000, Wefunder sees the merit of our project, takes an active role in our project and will introduce us to their established, active investors. At $100,000, that first money will be released to us to produce the movie. The final $50,000 will be used to edit and deliver the movie. If we raise more than $150,000, then we will add production value such as hiring SAG-AFTRA union actors, or paying for a higher quality score or sound design, or increasing the marketing and publicity spend. The ROI will be the same, but the product will be better.

The ROI (Return on Investment)

Investor Need: $150,000

ROI: 100% plus 20% interest after cost of production and distribution fees, 50/50 split of producer's net profit for 5 years.

In order to successfully make a profit we aim to recoup the budget with a combination of Domestic Theatrical Sales, INTL Sales, VOD, Streaming and Organic Movie Events at Universities across the USA.

The Perks

By investing in Flakka Z, you can become an Executive Producer and part of a very exciting project. Flakka Z is being produced by a single-project Louisiana limited liability company called "Flakka, Film LLC”. You will receive an exclusive newsletter giving you glimpses into the process of making our (yours too) movie. Also, you will receive exclusive digital uploads of the latest screenplay and movie poster artwork.

Executive Producer Perks:
*Name listed as an EP in the credits and IMDb
*FaceTime video tour of set during filming.
*Be in the movie! We will make it possible for you or someone from your family to make an appearance in the film.
*We encourage you to utilize your partnerships with brands, individuals or other companies and help us in our strategic efforts, in return for credit mention.
*Walk the red carpet. Join us for the premiere or a festival showing near you!
*Be involved in future projects we have in development.

***To be eligible for an EP credit, the minimum investment amount must equal $50K. Investors who invest a minimum of $25K will receive a Co-EP credit. The first investors to reach the 10K mark will be qualified to walk the red carpet***

Director's Statement

Horror is an interesting genre because it allows a real portrayal of the evil that actually exists in our world, along with the role we all play to stand up to that evil, and it allows spiritual topics to be discussed more openly. Horror movies of any kind might not be your favorite genre, but it has its place in storytelling. The bath salt Flakka is known as a “gateway” drug and some think it opens the door to demonic possession because of the loss of control it causes. Our movie understands Flakka to simply be a mind-altering drug, but, our characters view the zombified Mason from different viewpoints, ranging from scientific observation to religious superstition to mockery. Our main character Lucas changes from a judgmental to a compassionate person who strives to love his greatest enemy, the childhood bully who now terrorizes him and his friends. Personally, I know that I am not always high in empathy for others, so I connect to Lucas who wants to give Mason a second chance — but it might be too late. I believe there are many interesting reasons to support Flakka Z.

-Ian Eyre (Director)

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