Based on a true story. From Darkness to Redemption: Witness the Power of Faith in the Face of Death.

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In Theaters Nationwide August 2024*
Starring James Barrington, Kevin Sorbo (“God’s Not Dead”, “Let There Be Light”), Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Raising up to $5 million on Wefunder for TV, billboard, bus, radio, and social media ads.
Asks the question: "Would you die for Christ?"

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Aiming for #1 at the Box Office this August 2024!

It is based on the true story of three Christian prisoners who face execution and bring the entire prison camp to Christ.

See the incredible reactions to the movie from LA to Nashville below.

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Please note we are only raising up to $5M through Wefunder.


After the first dollar is paid back to all investors, then 20% of the profit goes to all investors pro rata.

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*The goal is to release in August, but the date may be subject to change. At this moment in time, we are 100% committed to release it in August 2024.