A better way for the Travel Industry to record and share insider travel knowledge

Last Funded April 2024


raised from 22 investors


Female founder and executive team with >40 years combined experience in the Travel Industry
Pre-seed backing by VC Firm Shasta Ventures
Collaboration with Luxury Travel Consortia Virtuoso (Virtuoso.com) for their 2023 Study Tour Program
3rd place in the American Society of Travel Advisors' "Entrepreneur of the Year" competition

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Solving Familiarization Travel for Travel Advisors

As a Travel Advisor, Carrie Wallace has traveled to >80 countries. Travel Suppliers sponsored her on their "Familiarization Trips" so she could learn the destination and then sell the hotels, activities and tours to her clients.

But each Fam Trip brought information overload. Too many hotels, activities and restaurants to organize and write-up.

And then she lost a client based on what she *did not* remember from a Fam to Mexico. She recommended the wrong resort. The client took their business elsewhere.

Surely there had to be a better way to record and use a Travel Advisor's learnings to sell travel? And so FamGuru was born.

Why Invest in FamGuru?

With more than 115,000 Travel Suppliers and 350,000 Travel Advisors with the potential to use FamGuru's software, we believe our future revenue opportunity is significant.

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Roughly $2bn is invested annually on Familiarization trips. FamGuru will 1) make Advisors, Agencies and Suppliers more effective at selling, and 2) provide everyone with a better return on their Fam investment (ROI). This is highly valuable for the Industry, and means significant value for our investors as well.

The Travel Industry

Contrary to popular belief, human Travel Advisors and Travel Agencies are a key part of the $1.7 trillion travel and tourism industry.

In 2022, Advisors and their Agencies booked $99 billion in travel for clients worldwide, which is expected to increase 10% annually for the next several years.

Travel Advisors are the gatekeepers of this spend and help clients select Travel Suppliers based on their detailed knowledge of destinations and travel products.

The Problem

Tens of thousands of Fam Trips happen each year worldwide. Yet Fam Disorganization keeps the travel industry from profiting as it should from these crucial learning experiences.

  • Travel Suppliers spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars hosting Advisors on a trip, but can only hope Advisors sell what they see.
  • Travel Advisors are away not selling, and too overwhelmed to organize and share what they learn with clients and colleagues afterwards.
  • Travel Agencies count on their Advisors to share and sell what they see. When they don't, their time away is wasted.

This is a massive lost opportunity. Everyone needs a better return on their Fam Trip investments.

The Solution

To eliminate Fam Disorganization, we've created FamGuru for Suppliers, and FamGuru for Advisors.

  • Suppliers: find and invite Advisors, manage trip communication and documents, pre-load sales collateral, create and share the itinerary to the Advisor app.
  • Advisors: record insights, write reviews, upload photos and share them on social, autogenerate reports for clients and colleagues, create a beautiful archive of their experience.

In the future, we intend to create the "Trip Advisor for Travel Professionals".

Reviews from FamGuru will be aggregated into a searchable database for Agencies and the industry, so:

  • New Advisors come up to speed more quickly
  • Experienced Advisors become automatic experts
  • Suppliers increase the exposure they receive from each trip by 10x and receive a great return on their Fam investment

Market Opportunity

FamGuru's initial target market are travel suppliers: hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, tourism boards, and destination management companies, among others.

With more than 1.25 mm travel suppliers worldwide, we estimate ~170,000 invest in Fam trips currently. Of those, 115,000 are tech savvy and English speaking, representing an annual opportunity of up to $1bn in software sales.

Our Business Model

FamGuru makes money through subscriptions to Suppliers, Agencies and Advisors. The prestigious Virtuoso luxury travel consortium with more than 4000 Suppliers, 900 Agencies and 30,000 Advisors is our first customer. Our list continues to grow since our launch in August 2023.


Our lead investor is Shasta Ventures, funding $500k in pre-seed capital to date.

Use of funds to date

Funds from FamGuru's investors and our Founder were used to create fully-formed software for Suppliers and Advisors that delivers FamGuru's initial promise of eliminating Fam Disorganization. We've also launched the product to the marketplace and generated our first sales.

How we'll use future funds

We will use this next phase of investment to:

  • Build sales/marketing capability to grow supplier sales and user base
  • Add functions that attract a wider range of paying customers (e.g. cruises, MICE - Meetings/Incentives/Conventions/Exhibitions)
  • Create premium Advisor subscription to capture additional revenue
  • Create Searchable Review Database and sell first subscriptions
  • Build customer support capability

Will you join us?

We believe the business of travel should be easier and more lucrative. As we automate Fam travel and transform how this knowledge is used, FamGuru unlocks significant value for our entire industry and investors. Will you join us?