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CoolPV® can deliver up to 4x the power of stand alone solar panels


One of the oldest and largest solar thermal manufacturers in the U.S.—founded in 1969 and incorporated in 1972.
Generated $6.9 million in revenue in 2015 (fiscal year)
CoolPV is a commercially viable combined solar thermal and solar electric system. CoolPV can generate up to 4x the power of a regular PV system
CoolPV can decrease energy bills by 50% or more
20 issued or pending patents (CoolPV) in the U.S. and global markets over 47 years
FAFCO's products have been installed on approximately 200,000 customer's homes since its inception
Founder has been inducted into International Solar Hall of Fame
FAFCO's vertically integrated United States manufacturing facility was designed and built to make engineered polymer heat exchangers for solar thermal, thermal batteries, and CoolPV applications for their respective global markets.

Our Team

President & CEO
A co-inventor of our new combined solar electric and solar heating product called CoolPV®. Mr. Leckinger was previously the vice president and general manager of Worthington Precision Metals .
Terra Ayers Vice President of Operations
Before joining FAFCO, Ms. Ayers worked in procurement for a large contract manufacturer and in human resources for two subsidiaries of Johnson & Johnson.
VP of Sales and Marketing
He was the market director for American Solar Direct and before that, he served as vice president of sales and marketing for Heliopower.