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Invest in Fabulingua

In explosive market, story-based mobile game disrupts the way children learn languages

Pitch Video
Investor Panel

Investor Panel

Louie interviewed Fabulingua on September 17, 2021. Play Video
Louie Nguyen, CFA
Louie has 25 yrs of investing experience ranging from global fund management to direct private equity investments focused on social impact.
says, "Gamification of foreign language learning...that's kinda hot. I know first hand how difficult it is to teach a foreign language to a child. If executed well, this could be explosive. It seems the founders have what it takes!"
says, "Greater clarity on the revenue model would be helpful. Also, I would like to understand better how the firm think about the challenges of converting free users to paid users. Lastly, how are the founders thinking of future language introductions."
Fabulingua's Comment

Fabulingua says, "Hi Louie, thanks for your comments. With regards to the revenue model, we are essentially a subscription model with the opportunity to upgrade to higher subscription tiers for additional features. For example, in our new mobile game release coming out later this year, the app will be free to download, and we will offer a 7 day free trial to FabuLingua's game which includes our language learning stories. After the free trial, we plan to charge a base monthly subscription (~$7) for continued access to the game as well as all new feature and story releases. It will also be possible to upgrade to premium subscription levels in order to gain access to additional features related to player game features as well as parent/teacher learning data & insights. We have confidence that we can convert free users to paid users based on the data from our current release where we are converting 75% of trials into subscriptions. This is well above industry average (60%). As for future languages, we are very excited to expand FabuLingua into major English language learning markets in Latin America, Asia (India, China, Japan) and Europe. There are 2 billion language learners in the world and 80% are learning English. FabuLingua's platform has been intentionally designed so that we can efficiently repurpose our game and story assets into new languages. - Thanks, Mark Begert, CEO"

What Investors Say

President, Open Road Renewables
Invested $25,000 this round + $75,000 previously
I am re-investing in FabuLingua because I believe FabuLingua is creating something truly unique and impactful at the intersection of two large global growth markets - mobile gaming and digital learning. I know the founders, and my family has been a FabuLingua customer since Day 1. I originally invested because I was aligned with the mission and vision, and I have continued to invest because I see the steady progress they are making and the talented team they are building in a short time. I believe that speaking more than one language is, as Mark Begert says, a super power. All parents would want this for their kids. But it's hard! Combining the engagement of mobile games with a highly effective, science-backed language learning method based on children's stories is an incredibly compelling solution. I'm confident that FabuLingua will change the ways kids learn new languages across the world.

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Fabulingua is a very well-presented app with a clearly organised selection and progression of interactive stories aimed at gradually and naturally raising your familiarity and knowledge of the Spanish language. Aimed at the 3-11 age group, each of the stories is a charming tale that introduces the reader and listener to a variety of characters in age-appropriate adventures.
July 20, 2021
FabuLingua is a unique (and super fun) method to help your child learn a second language. Magical stories teach kids Spanish. Our unique method is designed to introduce the new language in a way that subconsciously develops the child's ear, comprehension and reading skills.
Competition Launches Magical Stories and Virtual Reality Immersion - Language Magazine
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Last month, over 320 people (on Zoom and YouTube) took part in the 2021 LaunchPad, a Shark Tank-style language education technology competition sponsored by The Language Flagship Technology Innovation Center at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. A group of judges, including Language Magazine editor Daniel Ward, selected FabuLingua as the 2021 LaunchPad winner.
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