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AI-Powered Dementia Care, Simplified For Your Family

Last Funded August 2022


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🧠 Leverages A.I. to create a one-stop caregiving solution for families
👥 Addressing rapidly-growing demand with 64M Americans projected to require at-home care by 2025
🩺 Built to become the world’s first comprehensive caregiving platform for the entire care network
💵 Aiming to disrupt a $135 billion market for dementia or mild cognitive impairment

Our Team

Similar to millions of families, we've often struggled to find the right care professionals, coordinate care, navigate instructions, ensure our loved one’s well-being from afar, and plan for their future needs. As healthcare professionals & experts, we understand the gaps and underlying opportunities and are even more committed to making an impact


Dr. Carl Hanna and Dr. Saurabh Vyas met over a decade ago and stayed connected over their passion for healthcare and technology. They bring a world-class experience in healthcare operations, digital health, and building empathetic tech solutions. 

“Evva Health is anchored in making a real difference in the lives of people. The Co-Founders are competent and unstoppable in their quest to make life easier for millions of people.” -Saurel Q. -Investor

" As founders, we are blessed to have assembled a diverse team of advisors, researchers, scientists, and technologists who are leaders in their respective areas. Together, we are excited and confident as we move towards realizing our vision to simplify caregiving and build caring communities to help everyone thrive with dignity" - Dr. Carl Hanna

What we're addressing

With a rapidly-growing aging population and increased life expectancy, 1 in 3 seniors will have MCI or Dementia in the next decade while their families will struggle even more to care for them

Seniors with dementia require varied support as they lose their independence due to age and cognitive decline. Families become caregivers overnight and are pushed into a multi-year journey with very little to no guidance around: 

  • Coordinating and managing daily care;
  • Understanding evolving needs and navigating resources
  • Planning for future clinical and financial needs.

How we're approaching this: 

Our solution is designed to aid and simplify the overwhelming process of navigating care for persons with dementia. But wait...We're going beyond what other caregiving platforms are offering-we look at the person and their families as a dyad. We're designed to guide the whole family through the care journey as well, addressing their needs and stopping the stresses of caregiving at the sources 

Care for yourself and others - "Evva Health will be the world’s first comprehensive dementia caregiving platform. Designed for the family caregivers, their doctors, and also their respective communities." - Dr. Carl Hanna

How we’ll do it - Evva’s platform is designed to evolve in several phases to ensure steady growth while addressing the evolving needs of our users

Evva 360 -Designed to make care plan management and adherence better and bolstered by our AI and EHR integration, Evva 360 is designed to simplify the care process

EvvaNext -  Bundling of services to offer more robust options for caregivers, including health care benefits with support from a care advocate; active AI-matching to relevant financial and insurance products and services; guidance to get paid as a caregiver and save money

EvvaPal - We are applying the concept of collective intelligence to deliver valuable insights before problems arise – and give families full holistic access to their loved one’s status. EvvaPal will allow families to actively monitor their loved ones and lend support when needed. 

  • Communities get connected via our Care Networks to build the bridge between all parties involved in a patient’s care–from the providers to the professionals, to the families themselves.

How we will generate revenue and grow

Diversified revenue models to improve accessibility across different population groups and profitability. 

Business Model: 

  • B2C - Freemium subscription to increase direct access for families while building brand awareness [Initial stage]
  • B2B2C - Subscription packages accessible to families sponsored by enterprise partners (e.g. employers benefit) [Growth Stage]

Distribution Channel: 

  • Consumer - Marketing through influencers (i.e. family physicians, specialists, professional caregivers) and direct marketing to the families
  • Enterprise/Business: In partnership with employers of caregivers, Medicare Advantage, Long-term Insurance, and Life Science companies

Market size is significant and growing year over year at a rate of ~7%

Strong revenue outlook as we engage and address the needs of our users

Evva Health is getting traction  

" We've been working hard building our customer pipeline, our partnership list, and winning competitions" - Dr. Saurabh Vyas

What sets us apart

  • Each individual’s experience is personalized by addressing their unique social, familial, and individual determinants of health to ensure the support they’re getting is always relevant to them. Our AI also actively works to identify evolving needs for earlier intervention–reducing preventable hospitalizations. 
  • Our platform is designed to integrate with various partner solutions and systems such as IoT devices and WiFi sensing to allow for holistic, peace-of-mind monitoring of the patient. 
  • We offer active legal and financial guidance to allow for better management of the user’s caregiving expenses. 
  • In short? Evva’s platform is both a comprehensive care network and an informational superhighway for anyone who’s involved in another person’s care.

      We need your investment

      We'd love for you to join us as an investor and help disrupt the healthcare market. We're getting close to our fundraising goal but can't wait for you to come on board. 

        “Evva Health’s personalized approach to caregiving where not only the health of the patient, but also the caregiving burden on the family is considered at every step is the type of solution that gets me excited.” -Sela Missirian, lead investor

        We’re just getting started...

        The future of care - Our initial focus is on dementia to address one of the most pressing demands in caregiving first, but we aren’t stopping there. Evva is designed from the ground up to eventually expand into caregiving for other chronic conditions (e.g. cancer)

        By Caregivers and For Caregivers

        Evva Health is fueled by our personal experiences as caregivers and concerned family members.

        Join us in our journey to simplify caregiving and help communities thrive