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😯 Disrupting the $3.6 Trillion (Yes, with a T) digital transformation industry with a CAGR of 16.1%

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Midsize enterprises are struggling to transform due to lack of resources and technology. We want to bridge the gap.

Why EvonSys?

What fuels the business world today? Speed, Agility, and Innovation. 

So obviously when it comes to software development, the expectations are NO different. 

Businesses today want to build applications through clicks not codes, make application changes without relying on IT, and they most definitely want the future of programming to be OPEN.

In such times, EvonSys brings the power of coding into the hands of people through low code platforms that democratize the playing field in software development. 

This means any business team can build applications without worrying about costs and infrastructure, better utilize resources with limited coding knowledge, and most importantly fast track their road to digital transformation!

Low code and no code software companies are high on the investors’ radar after companies such as Webflow and Bubble, which raised over $100 million, currently have a market value of over a billion dollars.

Investors are placing big bets on the low code revolution frankly because the market is set for explosive growth and is expected to rise from $13 billion in 2020 to $65 billion in 2027 at a whopping 26.1% CAGR. (Statista). 

Even industry behemoths are strongly advocating for low code platforms making it a disruptive trend that businesses and investors alike just cannot afford to miss out on.

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EvonSys’ intuitive low code tools and templates empower users to build enterprise-grade applications in minutes. Instead of waiting for ages for IT to get back, teams can now build and roll out minimum viable products, breeze through application changes, and automate complex processes through simple drag-and-drop features. 

For organizations that want to leverage the power of Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, our low code interface automates workflows with ease and offers flexibility to build, scale, and drive software solutions. We believe the best innovation is simplified and no one should fail at digital transformation.

We are the solution of choice both for small and large-sized firms as we fill gaps in varied business environments. Large software vendors might have a huge workforce, but their average skills may also be on the lower side. On the other hand, niche tech firms will often be keen to tailor solutions that cater to every client's specific requirement but lack the workforce. EvonSys sits at the sweet spot in this quadrant graph, offering the best of both worlds!

Today, we have a treasure trove of case studies in the banking, financial, healthcare, and government verticals that are infamous for their legacy approaches. A move towards low-code solutions, especially in traditional sectors is a sign that a new era in simplified innovation and software development is here to stay.

One of the biggest inhibitors in digital transformation for companies is the ability to build, run, and scale software as fast as they would like. A major reason for this setback is a resource crunch as developers that conventionally built applications are in short supply. A McKinsey survey recently reported that 87% of businesses are already seeing a developer shortage or anticipate one in a few years.

The outcome? Organizations are left with extensive software to-do lists and backlogs that seriously hits business growth. In this scenario, low code software development is an obvious choice for companies as it’s up to 10 times faster than traditional software development. (Forrester Study).

Most market studies are indicative that low code platforms are not a passing trend but it’s the need of the hour. According to Gartner, low-code will account for more than 65% of application development by 2024. Low code platforms are experiencing massive adoption not only because it provides digital agility, but it also enables optimum utilization of existing resources, replaces complicated codes with easy-to-use, visual tools, cuts back on unnecessary hires, and allows developers to focus on complex engineering tasks. 

According to Mckinsey’s research, the coronavirus pandemic pushed digital adoption in companies five years forward. Enterprises today are not only open to more and more digital tools, but it turns out low code platforms are just the solution they need.

As a result, even in the crippling clasp of the pandemic, EvonSys went on to generate revenues and build its client portfolio. Here is a snapshot of our accomplishments

We have grown consistently over the years and helped companies scale their platforms and take their applications to the next level with our low code solution.

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To wrap things up, here is a small story. 

It took Smartphones almost a decade to reach 10% adoption and only 2.5 years to climb from 10% to 40%.

The transition from hand-made to low code is real, it’s already here, and you can stand to win.

For investors, this is the perfect time to acquire Early-Stage shares and join the EvonSys family. Come INVEST and Grow with US!

"Much like the proverbial early bird, this is the right time to tap into this veritable goldmine. Be the early bird and cruise along with our exceptional growth trajectory."

- Arun, CEO and Co-founder