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Evolvd Health

Data-driven healthcare that helps treat, reverse, and prevent chronic diseases


Partake in the ongoing Seismic paradigm shift in healthcare to telemedicine accelerated by COVID-19
A $17 billion total addressable market (TAM) for Telemedicine in the US
Founded and led by an experienced and successful entrepreneur in the digital health space
Truly preventive, patient-centric, and personalized by looking at unique individual biomarkers
Evolvd platform provides patient with 24/7 access to its compassionate team of certified providers
Evolvd patients spend a min of 1 hr with our providers, unlike the traditional healthcare
We investigate underlying root causes of diseases unlike traditional medicine that treats symptoms

Our Team

We believe conventional healthcare is broken and ripe for disruption. 90% of our healthcare expenditure today is due to chronic lifestyle-driven diseases. Traditional healthcare focuses on treating symptoms and results of an unhealthy lifestyle. Our approach focuses on finding and treating the underlying reasons for health conditions

The Story of Evolvd Health

We started in late 2019 because we realized that the conventional healthcare system was broken and ripe for disruption.  

The Birth of Evolvd Health

The conception of Evolvd Health began with years of frustration, as a physician treating patients with chronic diseases and witnessing the failings of our conventional medicine model which focuses on the treatment of symptoms. With escalating costs and an actual decline in the real health of patients, it was becoming increasingly clear, that the biomedical model has its limited usefulness. A more holistic multidisciplinary, whole-body approach that focuses on the root cause of diseases needed to become the new primary care model. That's why we decided to build Evolvd Health to provide this new patient-centered healthcare model. 

Evolvd Health is a multidisciplinary digital health platform. We utilize a 360 degree, data-driven, precision health approach to prevent, treat, and reverse chronic disease, as well as helps reduce patient over-dependence on prescription medication. Evolvd health helps manage and treat a variety of conditions, with a focus on lifestyle.  sexual and mental health conditions

Progress So Far... 

We have built the web application, brought on board, a team of 29 healthcare providers that include physicians, dieticians, and health coaches.  We officially launched our platform on Friday, June 5th, 2020 with a small media campaign. In only over one month, we been able to attract over 600 leads in our sales funnel and currently ave converted over 30 paid user

Our Team

Our core team is made up of passionate entrepreneurs, physicians, healthcare, and business professionals. Our CEO is an experienced entrepreneur who was the co-founder and CEO of Kaia health; another successful digital healthcare Startup in the musculoskeletal space, which he exited before starting Evolvd. Our leadership team and advisory board members include current and former C-suite executives and employees at large companies such as Anthem Health, GE, and Mckinsey & Co. etc.