Eva’s Wild

Regenerative food, award-winning media and authentic experiences - in one place

Last Funded May 2023


raised from 73 investors


Sales of regenerative Bristol Bay wild salmon up 2x year-over-year. D2C sales up 35%.
Ownership in our comprehensive media platform with films, podcasts, and streaming series.
Partnered with James Beard award-winning chefs like Tom Douglas in our wholesale business line.
We buy our salmon from women & indigenous-owned sources in Alaska.

Our Team

Founder, Mark Titus writes: “I grew up fishing for wild salmon and have been in love with them since I was two. They give their lives so that life can continue. After every screening of my first documentary films about dwindling wild salmon runs, emotionally-moved audiences asked, “How can I help?” Eva’s Wild became the answer.”

It Starts with a Story...

Eva’s Wild founder, Mark Titus’ award-winning environmental documentaries like The Wild have garnered passionate audiences across the U.S. eager to take protective action for Bristol Bay, Alaska. Engrained in his films are a call to action – and a warning that the most productive salmon systems on earth were in peril. So after every screening, folks asked one question: "What can I do to help?"

Eva’s Wild was born – a company that weaves together the best in food, storytelling, and impactful experiences from across Salmon Nation – an area stretching from California to Alaska defined by its contact with salmon-bearing rivers – as an engine for protecting the wild places we love.

Eat Wild

Through a sustainable supply chain that includes sourcing our retail wild salmon from indigenous suppliers and  the only woman-owned processor in Bristol Bay – that still hand-cuts their filets, and works with a small, tight-knit team of indigenous small-boat fishermen  – Eva’s Wild provides the best protein source money can buy directly to customers doors and restaurants near them, all while channeling their purchase dollars to help where it matters most.

Community Driven: Our signature offering is a subscription into our community. Starting with an orca-safe, always-wild-and-regenerative box of Bristol Bay salmon shipped directly to our customers' doors in environmentally-safe packaging. Once a month, bi-monthly or quarterly, we are delivering the world's best protein to where our customers live and telling the story of how it arrived there better than anyone else.

Supporting Sustainable Fisheries: Every dollar spent on our sustainably-harvested wild salmon supports an industry that creates 18,000 jobs and over $2bn in annual revenue each year. At the heart of this industry is a network of fishermen, scientists and indigenous-led protectors who have garnered  national headlines speaking truth to power in the fight to protect salmon rivers from extractive and damaging industries.

Purchasing wild salmon from Bristol Bay bolsters the sustainable economy that's already thriving there and discourages environmentally disastrous resource-extraction projects in the region.  Customers' dollars drive a demand to protect this perfectly managed and regenerative source of food. We as a community are then in effect saying NO to the extraction industries and YES to a sustainable fishery that’s been thriving for thousands of years .

Carbon Mitigation: Bringing wild Bristol Bay sockeye salmon to your plate burns less carbon than it takes to make an Impossible Burger. This is the ideal protein source for the Conscious Consumer. 

Starting with wild salmon, Eva’s Wild will grow to be a leading purveyor of regenerative & eco-harmonious foods from across the Salmon Nation bioregion.

Teamwork: Eva's Wild core team is CEO, Mark Titus (click here for deep-dive founder's story) and President of Operations, Mat Cerf. Both accomplished filmmakers, Mat and Mark also have 30 years of hands-on experience between them in the Alaskan salmon industry. 

Mark was foreman of a Bristol Bay salmon processing line during his college summers in the '90s then went on to catch, process and ship salmon home to his guests as an Alaskan fishing guide for over a decade.

Mat graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of San Diego in 2016 with degrees in Business Economics and International Relations, then headed north and has been a captain of a longstanding set-net salmon fishing operation in Bristol Bay since 2016.


Storytelling: Eva's Wild mission is driven by story. It is the means for bringing people together around a common cause. So, one of the three tips of the trident in in our business model is Eva's Wild Stories. Both Mark and Mat are award-winning filmmakers in their own right. Their shared vision is that the stories we tell and the food we eat are both equally potent ways to engage with, support, and learn a place…a cause…a way of life.

With the belief that storytelling focused on protecting wild places and ways of life needs a home of its own, we're building eva – a proprietary subscription streaming app that exclusively hosts original content produced by the Eva’s Wild team  - & curates the best of the bioregion’s independent filmmaking and digital storytelling (remunerating emerging storytellers through subscription revenue). eva is set to launch Q1, 2023.

First up on the original content production-line: The Turn: a feature-film documentary by Mark Titus,  that will complete a 15-year odyssey for the love and protection of wild salmon.

A portion of this raise will fully fund production of The TurnEva's Wild will receive 100% of the net monetization from distribution of the film until 2030, and 15% in perpetuity.

In addition to films, Eva’s Wild Stories' media subscriptions give customers access to the Save What You Love podcast.

Experiences: The second piece of See Wild, and the final step of a customer’s journey within the Eva’s Wild product ecosystem, is building a pathway to physical travel to the source of it all – the wilderness and communities that support salmon habitat, and maintain a sacred connection with the earth. To facilitate this, Eva’s Wild builds off decades-long relationships with community leaders in Bristol Bay fishing communities, and has developed novel partnerships with brands like Roam Beyond to bring meaningful adventure travel to our customers.

That, coupled with year-round in-person tasting events, films screenings and story-centered regional gatherings gives us an experiential and impactful touch point with our customer-community.


At the core of building a product line that directly supports sustainable and regenerative economies, wild habitat protection, indigenous & women-owned businesses and forward-thinking storytellers, Eva’s Wild donates a portion of every dollar spent on our products to grassroots organizations leading the fight for Bristol Bay and other critical wild habitat in the Salmon Nation bio-region. 

Through integrations with New Mode, a platform for online civic engagement, our website also hosts direct advocacy campaigns on targeted subjects relating to the conservation of wild habitat directly within our Take Action portal.

What does this all amount to? A public-benefit impact- brand that gives customers a way to holistically engage in the food, stories, and places of our bio-region, all as an engine for protecting the places and people we love.


To date, with a total of $0 spent on direct marketing, we have…

  • Earned over $350k in revenue from online sales direct-to-consumers, and wholesale revenue from restaurants, including James Beard award-winning chefs like Tom Douglas and Renee Erickson.
  • Through a virtual screening tour of The Wild in 2020, built a newsletter audience of over 6,000 across the country. And a social media following of 0ver 19,000 across all our channels. And, pivoting during Covid, The Wild earned over $60,000 in online screenings as part of a national virtual-tour.
  • Developed a robust, transparent, and sustainable supply chain that sources from women and indigenous owned suppliers in Bristol Bay, and delivers to folks doorstep in recyclable packaging at a competitive price.
  • Completed R&D, tooling, and a test-run on an Eva’s Wild Jerky product (which was a hit!).
  • Built eva, a proprietary streaming platform compatible on AppleTV, iOS, and any Chromecast on home TV's.
  • Completed our B-Corp application process.
  • Lined up dozens of high-caliber films for licensing and hosting on the eva app.
  • Donated over $10,000 in the last two years to the fight to protect Bristol Bay, led by the people who know it best: The United Tribes of Bristol Bay.
  • Built a winning team of fishermen, filmmakers, business minds, and advocates.


Over the next 24 months, with the help of funds from this raise, we plan to…

  • Add 1000 monthly subscribers to our customer-community.
  • Finalize and secure B Corp certification.
  • Engage and onboard a marketing agency to build and implement data-driven short-, medium and long-term growth strategies.
  • Scale media subscriptions to >500 subscribers.
  • Purchase sufficient inventory in the ‘22 and ‘23 seasons to scale salmon sales to…
    • ~300 salmon box subscribers and ~18 restaurants by June 2023.
    • ~1000 subscribers and ~33 restaurants by June 2024.
  • Host bulk-purchase and film screening hubs across the PNW, starting in May 2022.
  • Launch D2C and wholesale Salmon Jerky, Burger, and portioned filet lines.
  • Launch our flagship Bristol Bay travel experience.
  • Create a full-time fellowship position on our team for a member for Bristol Bay indigenous community.
  • Complete production of The Turn and launch a 50-city screening tour in 2024 that will channel audience enthusiasm towards Eva’s Wild food, media, and travel offerings.

Our projections have us consistently profitable at over $200k in monthly revenue by early 2024, and scaled into an ideal acquisition target for a suite of large brands and/or parent companies in the regenerative food, entertainment, and travel industries in a five-to-seven year time horizon.

The forward looking projections above cannot be guaranteed.


Click HERE for a flowing spark-page of the big picture on how it all comes together.

Where Does the Name Come From?

The word Eva means Mother of Life in Latin.

Evas spelled backwards is Save.

Eva’s Wild = Save Wild.

Save What You Love.

Wild salmon are our symbol because they are the paragon of transformation.  They give their very lives so life itself can continue. What could be a more powerful symbol of hope?

Check Out Our Perks!

We have some amazing partners. Check out the seminal perks in our investment tiers below. Including the likes of:

A subscription to our salmon. Two flash-frozen, premium wild filets delivered quarterly to your door for one year at the $25,000 investment level.

A Trip to world-class Mission Lodge in Bristol Bay for you and a guest when you invest $100,000 in Eva's Wild.

An Overnight celebration with first-eyes on The Turn before its world premiere at a premiere Columbia Hospitality location (TBD in 2023).