Eskuad (Techstars 21)

Connecting the disconnected!

Last Funded October 2022


raised from 65 investors


📝 Field workers operate in remote areas collecting loads of data, most of them using pen and paper.
🏆 We won the most innovative solution Award by Start-Up Chile!
👩‍💻 We have software skills, field operations, and start-up experience, including two exits.
🔥 We are a Techstars-backed company! 85% of their portfolio is successful!

Our Team

Because we all grew up surrounded by field workers who needed to be out on the field working and collecting data for management, and process improvement. The problem is that they spend hours after office hours working instead of sharing with their kids... those kids were some of us.


Source: McKinsey & Company Report

Source: McKinsey & Company Report

All these tools are excellent, they have empowered workers in many places. But when it comes to field workers in the middle of nowhere it all falls apart.

*This is based on our user experience and testimonials by users in our target market.

We help workers collect data in real-time, and deliver it without worrying about connectivity, or synching.

*This is our target price, it can be affected by different circumstances related to changes in the market.

We won the Most Innovative Solution award at Start-up Chile's Ignite 1 (2021), we got accepted into The Roux Institute Techstars Accelerator (2021), Donald is an alumnus of AWS' CTO Fellowship 2022, and Max successfully participated in Google Founders Academy 2022. 

We have been testing our bottom-up adoption with our newest version, and guess what? It is working! We just closed a corporate customer with this strategy.

*This is based on our user experience and testimonials by users in our target market.

Sources: DataUSA + Bureau of Labor Statistics & Other, Techstars Report, Techstars Report Presentation

We have more users testing the app, and we expect to convert some of them into use cases and then business cases when companies decide to use our solution as corporate customers.

Our current customers are happy, they are getting more value than expected!

When we raise, we expect to execute our plan, which consists of creating our marketing system using business cases. In order to do it, we will need more customer partners.
When we have enough users, we will start working on improved connectivity features and forecasting and analytics for our customers.
*We can't assure these future projections.

We will need to hire people and establish a Customer Partner Program, in order to prioritize what features are most important and how they should operate.

*Our goals are based on our current operations, and the percentages are approximations.

We invite you all to join our squad and help us digitize the world's field operations.