Elite Amateur Fight League

March Madness Type MMA Tournament, Televised Sports League, Sports Media Co

Last Funded January 2021


raised from 128 investors


Opportunity to became an owner in the sports industry.
Filling a gap in the multi-billion dollar MMA industry following examples set by the NCAA to develop a profitable national amateur platform.
The Sport of MMA is only 25 years old and its natural evolution requires a national amateur organization.
We are not an idea, a beta, and we are not looking for development money. We are positioned to scale

Our Team

As a fan of MMA & a producer by trade, I identified a hole in a multi-billion dollar industry. MMA, the fastest growing sport in the world, was the only American sport without a national level of amateur competition. With my background and passion, I knew I could create a platform for fighters to gain the same type of exposure as an NCAA athlete.

The multi-billion dollar MMA industry's National Amateur Platform "The Future Fights Here"

Imagine the NFL or the NBA if there was no NCAA! Surprisingly that was the state of the fastest growing sport in the United States, Mixed Martial Arts. A billion-dollar business without a national amateur platform. With your help, we can evolve and create a NCAA atmosphere and business around amateur MMA.


  • The Sport of MMA is only 25 years old and its natural evolution requires a national amateur organization. Today the Elite Amateur Fight League is the only national amateur platform in the country. With teams for coast to coast and broadcast TV opportunities we are positioned to become the premier amateur MMA organization in the United States.
  • Baseball, football, basketball , and hockey are fully developed sports with limited ownership opportunities reserved for the ultra rich and connected. The Elite Amateur Fight League is a rare opportunity to become an owner in the sports industry. 

The Elite Difference:

We feature the best amateur fighters from across the country in a head to head, team vs team, state vs state, televised national amateur tournament.

The Elite Amateur Fight League's team vs team format is designed to capture both hardcore MMA fans, as well as the casual sports fan. A casual sports fan simply is a fan of the home team. Casual fans are linked via geographical ties or peer relations. They still buy the merchandise, buy tickets, and watch events. MMA’s current landscape does not capture this type of fan. We believe our format is the missing piece to reaching 80% more of the sports fan demographic.

What we've done so far

After a year of R&D and producing a concept season in 2015 we proved the platform,

Season 1 was televised and included fighters from 4 states, where Dan Henderson’s Team Quest coached by UFC Fighter Sam Alvey, took the 1st national title in Southbend Indiana.

In our second season, we added Northern California with fighters from Team Alpha Male and crowned New Mexico featuring fighters from the world-famous Jackson Wink Academy, as Season 2 national champs in San Diego.

And Finally in Season 3, we added the east coast with Virginia & and fighters from American Top Team from Florida to the league, stretching our reach from coast to coast. In June of 2019, we crowned team Arizona lead by head coach Santino Defranco (FightReady MMA) as champions against team Illinois in Chicago.

Upward Trend: 975% Revenue Growth

Industry Traction: 

Over the last 5 years, we’ve invested our own time and money to build this platform and now that we have teams from coast to coast, with the most talented fighters, from the industry’s biggest gyms, it's time to hit the accelerator.

How we make money:

We have a media product with multiple revenue streams. We make money from B2B
sponsorship sales, Live event ticket sales, and digital content placement.

The vision

A fan owned sports league would change the face of sports ownership. A national amateur organization with a 32 team broadcast level, national MMA tournament, featuring the best amateur fighters from across the country, will give elite level fighters the platform they deserve and provide fans the ability to watch the future of the sport.

What's next

Our plan is to raise $500,000 to fund the growth of the league by giving our fans an opportunity to become equity owners in the next big sports league. We think this opportunity is similar to investing in the UFC 20+ years ago. And, when we're successful, the owners (fans) will all share in the reward.

We want to find 1 million MMA fans, hell, sports fans to become part owners of this League.

We see MMA fans as having immeasurable power through their passion for this sport! Being an MMA fan is what motivated me to build the EAFL, I believe in the power of fans and a fan-owned company, with your support we can build the future of MMA.

Not only will we give amateur MMA fighters the exposure and platform they deserve, but we will also give MMA fans an opportunity to own a piece of the league.  Instead of being owned by elite businessmen, we want the EAFL to be owned by sports fans.

The business of sports is funded by us the fans, by offering equity ownership to our fans, fans who chose to become owners can now share in the reward.

How much to invest?

Please only invest what you can afford. Whether you invest a large sum of money or as little as $100, you will be a part owner of a sports league in the fastest growing sport in the world. 

Come get in the cage with us… Answer the bell! Be part of the future—The Elite Amateur Fight League.

"The Future Fights Here."