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The truck driver training industry is a $278 million dollar industry
There is a high demand for truck drivers currently, causing companies to pay new drivers $70k+/yr
Feb 2022, individuals must attend an approved ELDT training program to obtain your CDL
There's a limited amount of approved ELDT training programs in Dallas, TX to keep up with the demand

Our Team

As the founders, CDL truck driving opened up a world of opportunity for us at a time where many would think we had no option of success. Obtaining a trade skill can allow someone to start a new career or start a business and make a great living for their family. Also, the demand for skilled labor is extremely high right now!

Elite Trade Academy: Bridging the gap in the trucking industry and the workforce

Everyone knows the vital role education plays in preparing people to join the workforce. The more training a person has, the more options they have when it comes to finding jobs.

We’ve also all heard about the skills shortage in key areas, like the transportation industry. Vacancies going unfilled because there just aren’t enough appropriately trained people to fill them.

How to give people the training options they need? And how to ensure employers have a pipeline of suitably qualified talent to choose from? These are both questions the Elite Trade Academy will provide answers for.

Invest in the future

The education industry in the United States is worth $77 billion. A mind-blowingly high number. Everyone in the USA gets an education of some kind. But we never forget that not everyone is cut out for college. Some people take a different path out of choice, fate, or necessity.

The Elite Trade Academy is here to give people the opportunity to learn the vocational skills that are in high demand across America right now.

We want to give everyone who needs it the option to re-train and/or learn new skills to give them more career options, a better chance to find employment and carve out a brilliant future for themselves and their families.

The Problem

During the 2020 pandemic, truck drivers were key essential workers during the lockdown. But despite truck drivers being needed more than ever, there is a huge national shortage that has been going on for years.

Trucking companies have not been able to find new drivers to keep up with the demand of the $700 Billion dollar truck driving industry.

One major cause of this truck driver shortage is that the average age of a truck driver is 55 years old. Many are retiring and aging out of the industry.

According to the American Trucking Association, there will be a need to hire over a million new drivers within the next decade.

The Opportunity

Starting on February 7th, 2022, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will require any individual looking to obtain their CDL, to complete and pass Entry-level Driver Training through an approved program that is in compliance with the new requirements.

This will cause a decline in available programs in the $278 million dollar truck driving school industry, and impact an industry that is already dealing with a substantial shortage of labor.

Many schools in Texas alone have a waitlist for individuals looking to obtain their CDL that is 3 months long.