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Last Funded April 2024


raised from 151 investors


Launched “Future of Housing Fund” with Boxabl. 1st project targeted for Jan ‘24 near Austin
300% avg. account size growth in less than 2 years. Our performance drives additional investments.
200% YOY user growth. 22 consecutive monthly dividend payments with a 6.5% annualized yield.
$3.8M previously raised. Backed by founders of Acorns and former CBRE Chairman & CEO.

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Real Estate Investing at your Fingertips

Our mission is to democratize real estate investing and empower all investors with the ability to build a balanced portfolio and accumulate long-term wealth. 

Millennials will control the majority of U.S. wealth within 10 years. They are digital natives and invest through online wealth managers (Robo-Advisors), rather than traditional "human" investment firms. The missing ingredient in a Millennial's balanced portfolio is private real estate. Unlike traditional wealth managers, Robo's do not offer alternative investments such as real estate. This void presents a $200B market opportunity. 

Disclaimer: This slide contains forward looking projections which are not guaranteed.

Elevate Money's 2027 forecast shows 90k customers, $680M in Assets under Management (AUM), $23M in revenue, and $7M in EBITDA, all while capturing less than 1% of our SAM (Serviceable Available Market). The opportunity and upside are tremendous.

Here's what we've done so far.

  • Elevate Money launched its first fund to the public in 2022, focused on income-producing commercial properties. Since inception, this fund has declared monthly dividend payments with an annualized yield of 6.5%.
  • We've seen 200% user growth, and with existing customers purchasing 40% of new shares sold, the average customer account size is up 300%.
  • The Real Estate API, our tech innovation aimed at disrupting wealth management, will enable other digital Wealthtech platforms to add our real estate funds to their offerings menu, just like traditional wealth managers. We in turn benefit by scaling distribution dramatically.
  • We've signed a one-of-a-kind partnership agreement with Boxabl, the viral $3.3B modular home building company that's on a path to disrupt the multi-trillion-dollar home construction industry.

Elevate Money X Boxabl

Elevate Money and Boxabl have joined forces to launch a revolutionary new real estate investment fund dedicated to the future of housing.

Elevate Money’s Future of Housing Fund (FOHF), is now open for investment and will bring capital and innovation to the affordable housing sector.

Elevate Money’s FOHF has the first right to purchase a minimum of 10% of Boxabl’s monthly production. Boxabl, valued at $3.3 billion, has 63 patent filings protecting its innovation, and has raised over $140m from 50,000+ investors and VC's to fund expansion. Boxabl has already received heavy demand for its "Casita" housing units with a 170,000 waitlist.

“With the upcoming launch of the Future of Housing Fund and our partnership with Boxabl, we will create home communities that are affordable and appealing to all Americans.” - Harold Hofer, Elevate Money CEO

Boxabl’s patented "folding" process has made houses shippable on a standard truck trailer bed, and the benefits are huge! These include huge automation, scale, and bulk purchasing power, all leading to driving down the cost for the ultimate homeowner.  

“I can’t think of a larger market to disrupt or a product with a bigger potential upside. Building construction is a top 5 industry in the world. A multi-trillion dollar market, and Boxabl’s goal is to build a system that can service almost all of it.” - Galiano Tiramani, Boxabl founder

Mission Critical, the Housing Crisis

"Longstanding research holds that the average household should spend no more than 30 percent of its income on total occupancy costs to maintain affordability. Anything above that threshold indicates economic distress." - Urban Land Institute

The United States is facing a housing affordability crisis. This problem has worsened over the past few years, post-pandemic. The crisis is affecting millions of Americans, making it difficult for them to afford decent housing. The problem stems from both affordability and availability.

The Solution

The Future of Housing Fund (FOHF) is raising capital from investors to build affordable housing communities using Boxabl's Casita homes.

The first vision leg is building the Casitas (Boxabl), the second leg is creating affordable communities with these Casitas (FOHF).

Elevate Money's FOHF offers investors a unique growth strategy focused on real estate investment opportunities that positively impact housing in the United States. 

Join the Revolution

As Elevate Money partners with Boxabl on the Future of Housing Fund, we are raising capital on Wefunder for customer acquisition and growth.

We invite you to partake in this venture by investing in Elevate Money and helping us create an investment opportunity for all that positively affects the housing crisis in America.

Elevate Money Platform

In less than 4 minutes, anyone can become a real estate investor.

Give Elevate Money a Try

Check out Elevate Money's user experience. Visit our website elevate.money or download our app (iOS and Android). In less than 4 minutes, you'll be able to create an account and complete your investment.

The Real Estate API is our first to market tech innovation that is aimed at disrupting wealth management. Traditional wealth managers still have the advantage over their digital counterparts because they have the ability to offer their customers alternative investments such as real estate. The Real Estate API levels the playing field by enabling digital wealth managers with the ability to offer real estate.

The Team

It's rarely about the idea, and mostly about the execution.

Elevate Money was founded by veterans in Real Estate, Wealthtech, and Marketing. Our team is well seasoned, diverse, and has a proven track record of building brands.

Harold Hofer founded one of the first-ever real estate crowdfunding platform and grew AUM to $500,000,000 before a successful exit.

Alex Cruttenden was one of the first hires at his family's company Acorns, and part of the product team that designed one of the most successful fintech apps in history.

Sachin Jhangiani is a Wall Street veteran and founder of a digital marketing agency who has mastered the art of messaging and communication.

We've also assembled an advisory team that has proven expertise in Elevate Money's core competencies of real estate, fintech apps, and marketing. Our advisors include founders of fintech platforms Acorns, Betterment, and CREXI.

Invest in Elevate Money

We aren't the only real estate investing platform, but we believe there is no other platform like Elevate Money.

Elevate Money is raising capital to invest in customer acquisition and product development to take advantage of our unique Boxabl partnership, and thereby grow our Future of Housing Fund. We've already raised over $2M in this round, but we built this platform for everyday investors and therefore decided to extend our capital raise and offer shares in Elevate Money itself to our community on the Wefunder platform.

We invite you to join our team of visionaries and get in on the ground floor by investing in Elevate Money.

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