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Invest in Element Apothec

The Trustworthy CBD Body Care and Wellness Brand Conscious Consumers are Demanding

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Ground floor investment opp in an early-stage disrupter with exponential growth potential in a rapidly emerging market
HUGE upside opportunity - CBD market expected to expand to over $16 billion and an ever-green market of $1.9 trillion
Quality will win - clean, safe, highly effective, market-leading products with THC-free CBD, CBG, and CBN
Co-founded with a highly-regarded integrative pharmacist - along with a team of respected medical advisors
Built-in trustworthiness through third-party certs, Pending B Corp Status, sustainability pledge, and 1% for the planet
Secured distribution through multiple online marketplaces, GPO Medical Group and retail locations
Team and Advisory Board with more than 60 years in CPG, e-comm, healthcare, life sciences & cannabis
Unmatched focus on education with a proprietary education platform

Our Team

Element Apothec was conceived with the idea to help as many people as possible to live better, healthier lives. Our mission to create safe and effective body care and wellness products looks to disrupt and change, for the better, an industry that has abandoned responsibility for their consumers' wellbeing and health.

Element Apothec. The trustworthy brand conscious consumers are demanding.

Suddenly, doing good is more important than ever — and there are more truly good humans stepping up than ever before — it’s truly inspiring. From racial and social equality to holding companies responsible for their actions, we're a society on the move to better. And doing better is what we need your help to do. 

We’re Elēment Apothēc. And while there are other companies churning out low-quality CBD body care and wellness products filled with harmful ingredients, with zero innovation, no medical oversight, and no transparency, we're aiming for better. Much, much better. 

Consumers are yearning for a brand they can trust and Element Apothec is that brand.

We have created clean, safe and effective products with medical oversight and are committed to complete transparency. Our “Never, Ever Promise” is our commitment to the consumer that we will never, ever use any questionable or banned ingredients in any of the products we create. We are leading the market with innovative formulations utilizing CBD, other phytocannabinoids and plant-based remedies. As a Pending B Corp and 1% For The Planet we are dedicated to truly bettering the world around us. This includes sustainability and our pledge to not impact the environment.

So, why Element Apothec? Trust. Plain and simple.

We were born in a kitchen, not a lab. 

Nearly a decade ago, our co-founder (our current CEO calls her, "Auntie") was suffering from several debilitating medical issues and a realization — the products she depended on didn't seem to be doing the job.

For the next several years, she immersed herself in the science of plant-based remedies,  crafting formulations that helped soothe her symptoms and give her the relief she had sought, ultimately leading to the creation of more than 40 custom products for herself and others— lotions, balms, oil rollers, inhalers, bath salts and more.

At a time of increased stressors and negative environmental and lifestyle factors, we're bringing this prolific and successful, home-based business, from the kitchen to the world. Rebranding and expanding, adding serious science to our mantra of "clean," we're driving the standard we call, Clean/Science. It's all in an effort to offer these amazing and highly-effective products on a larger scale in order to help many more people experience their life-changing benefits.

Introducing: Element Apothec.

Consumers don't know who, or what, to trust...

There are currently more than 1,400 toxic or harsh ingredients, banned in the EU and Canada, yet still widely used in the U.S. beauty, wellness, and supplement markets. Why? Money? 

Maybe. After all, consumers are anxious to experience the promise of CBD and Phytocannabinoids — and when demand is this high, corners can be cut. Some use questionable, cheap ingredients to maximize profits. Some even buy "white label" products, simply adding a logo and packaging to products available to anyone. Few partner with medical professionals to provide oversight to their products. At best, these practices are short-sighted and careless. At worst, they’re dangerous with long-lasting, harmful effects. 

The beauty and wellness industries have abandoned their customers in the name of higher profits. Element Apothec aims to change that.

Why Element Apothec? Why Now?

Element Apothec’s mission is to create products that actually help the consumer and are safe for both the user and the environment. Our products are superior to anything we've seen in the market. They're safe and effective. We hold ourselves accountable to unparalleled standards of safety and quality. We have transparency at every level. 

In the end, quality and trust wins.

Our product formulations are truly unique, utilizing a proprietary blend of THC-free, hemp-derived Phytocannabinoids CBD, CBN and CBG, essential oils, and natural ingredients to provide soothing relief.

We believe consumer education is key. That's why we plan to educate consumers about making the best possible decisions when it comes to their health and wellness. We’re creating a platform to share information about the numerous therapeutic benefits of Phytocannabinoids and other plant-based ingredients.

As an early-stage investor, you have the opportunity to back a company with huge market growth potential. With the convergence of the emerging hemp/CBD market, natural wellness and clean beauty movements, need for sustainable practices, and consumer desire for evidence-based products, the time is now for Element Apothec — and you.

Superior CBD  |  Quality + Integrity + Proprietary Process

Using advanced, all-natural, and proprietary extraction and refinement methods allow us to deliver quality, all-natural cannabinoids that are free from pesticides, chemicals, and other “junk” materials commonly found in today’s CBD products. The proprietary extraction method used is a sustainable, natural process that eliminates the need for chemicals as well as any byproduct of environmental waste created by traditional extraction methods.

We use an advanced chromatography process that delivers true broad-spectrum CBD and other phytocannabinoids with non-detectable THC* levels and are free of pesticides, heavy metals and residual solvents.

All our phtyocannabinoids are manufactured with the same best practices for quality and safety as every other food ingredient manufacturer, including complete compliance with GFSI and GMP recognized standards, ensuring our customers have the highest quality, CBD in their products.

*As determined by independent testing with leading U.S. laboratories.


Element Apothec has a keen understanding of current market dynamics and drivers, and we are well positioned to lead the projected $22+ billion market materializing through 2023 (Brightfield Group).

Below are key drivers and opportunities we believe will affect market and brand outcomes:

  • Projected U.S. Sales of Hemp-Based Products to reach $22 billion by 2022
  • Projected $3.5 Trillion Wellness Market Size by 2022
  • 240+ million new/ underserved consumers are coming to market now
  • The current market is fragmented - 1000+ existing brands and no true brand leader
  • Regulatory & cGMP challenges will weed out inexperienced players
  • Current brands are highly risk-averse and NOT innovating
  • Savvy consumers increasingly realizing the benefits of Phytocannabinoids and clean beauty

Products and Innovation

Element Apothec's products are disruptive and unique to the Hemp/CBD space - our Chief Product Officer, Lola Daleo along with our Chief Science Officer, Dr. Swathi Varanasi, and Advisory Board Member, Dr. Marvin Singh, bring 25+ years of product innovation, integrative medicine, pharmacology, and alternative medicine experience to the Element Apothec brand.

The Element Apothec line contains innovative body care, beauty, and wellness products that are natural and organic, Phytocannabinoid-infused and plant-based, utilizing the healing powers of nature coupled with scientific innovation.

BODY CARE AND BEAUTY: Crafted from nourishing oils and plant-based ingredients, our skin care delivers naturally powerful results — moisturizing skin, softening lines and wrinkles, and soothing common skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis.

WELLNESS: Promoting a whole-body approach to wellness, our tinctures and topicals are crafted to enhance wellbeing, provide relief from daily stressors and allow for even deeper relaxation. Each formula harnesses the natural restorative power of Phytocannabinoids and plant-based oils to aid in sleep, anxiety, digestion, fatigued muscles and joints, and so much more. 


Having launched 7 SKUs in our Phase I (Q4 2020) launch and  many more SKUs in various formats (tinctures, topicals, capsules, and nutraceuticals) across multiple consumer categories (body care, wellness, athletic care, sports nutrition, etc.) ready for Phase II and beyond — combined with out unique brand position - Element Apothec is poised and primed to be the next big disruptor in the health, wellness and clean beauty markets.

Phase I products include:

Relief Balm - With its beneficial oils and active botanicals our Relief Balm provides soothing comfort and supports pain relief

Nourish Lotion - Infused with healing essential oils and phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, Element Apothec Nourish Lotion is a lightweight and luxurious body lotion formulated to repair and rejuvenate your skin’s natural beauty as it soothes and moisturizes

Bella Visage Face Serum - Intense hydrating and moisturizing face serum, filled with healing and beneficial botanicals, naturally supports the skin while combating environmental stressors

Calm Cool Collected Tincture - Great tasting tincture supporting relaxation and the relief of anxious and stressful feelings

Rest Relax Recover Tincture - Encouraging total relaxation, this tincture boosts recovery and supports healthy sleep and rebalance 

Marketing and Sales Strategy

We will be taking a multi-pronged  approach to our sales and marketing strategy.

  • Direct-to-Consumer: Sell direct-to-consumer via our e-commerce website, and social media sites.. Additionally we will offer a monthly subscription plan to increase long-term customer value.
  • Omni-Channel Sales: Placement with specialty retailers, wellness stores, big box stores, salons, hotels, dispensaries, holistic practitioners, and day spas. We have multiple locations throughout the West ready to receive product.
  • Thought Leadership and Education: Advocate for safer consumer products by creating informative and educational posts and videos, establishing a platform to empower the consumer.
  • Social Impact: Public Benefit Corporation, pledging 1% of sales to research and personal care product safety policy change. Discounts for veterans and disabled customers, creating better accessibility.
  • Influencer Marketing: Utilizing a variety of platforms to influence brand awareness and customer purchase behavior - targeting our ideal customers based on product line differentiation - creating a go-to Phytocannabinoid brand and reaching a wider, targeted audience.
  • Traditional Marketing Channels: Email and direct mail campaigns, PR, loyalty and referral programs, affiliate programs, and more. 

Our Customers

We look at our customers from a psychographic perspective. Our customers want to take (better) care of themselves and live better lives. This means wanting better sleep, less tension, better recovery after exercise, relief from daily stressors - both physical and emotional, or simply desiring to look their best.

They want products that improve their lives without harmful effects. They're educated or want knowledge to better understand that what goes on their bodies is just as impactful as what goes in their bodies. They want a company they can trust.

Clean Beauty and Clean Wellness isn’t just a trend; it’s a movement that impacts virtually every element of the beauty and wellness industry. Modern consumers are better informed and are demanding transparency.

Traction and Milestones

Current Traction includes launch of D2C sales via our website, retail partnerships with StoreyLine and Miss Grass marketplaces, and contracts with VerdePharmHealth Medical GPO, Showcase by CalEthos, and Showfields in Miami and New York; strong social media following with a robust influencer base and growing Brand Ambassador Program.

    Current Milestones include building a talented and knowledgable business advisory board with over sixty years of combined experience; medical advisory board with top, respected integrative medical practitioners; confirmed commitment for inclusion in subscription box service focused on wellness; retained the services of leading marketing and PR agencies; launched with 7 SKUs.

    Future Milestones include the launch of 2-3 new products per year; develop new, innovative products in coordination with our medical team; secure additional retail locations including big box and mass retail; add additional 1-2 subscription box service; continue to build out our management and advisory teams; continue to develop a robust consumer knowledge base, community, and educational platform.

    Use of Funds

    We are raising a convertible note of up to $500,000 at a market cap of $4M. We will use the funds for: Product Inventory, Marketing, General Operating Costs, Business Development (incl. R&D), and WeFunder Fees

    Executive Summary

    Element Apothec, Inc., founded in 2020, is a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation startup operation with four entrepreneurial founders who have established our unique brand, IP portfolio (including proprietary formulas, domains, and trademarks) and a full infrastructure from operations to finance. We have a team with decades of e-commerce, branding, marketing, human resources, executive leadership, operational management, integrative medicine, pharmacology, fitness, and CPG experience and are poised to become a market-leading brand in the soon-to-be $22+ billion-dollar Hemp/CBD industry*.

    *Source: Brightfield Group