Electric Playhouse | Las Vegas

Social Entertainment Destination Featuring Interactive and Immersive Experiences

Last Funded September 2023


raised from 71 investors


Invest and share in the profits of our new upcoming location in Las Vegas. Plus get some added perks
Arriving Summer 2023: Electric Playhouse at The Forum Shops in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
Be part of our National and Global launch in the top tourist destination in the world.
Previously Raised $5M Series A (parent company, not this entity)

Our Team

The idea behind Electric Playhouse is rooted in the importance of bringing play and creativity into our lives. In a world where technology often dominates our daily routines, it's essential to create spaces that encourage interaction, socialization, and exploration. By blending digital and physical elements, Electric Playhouse fosters a unique environment that offers a refreshing departure from traditional, static forms of entertainment.

Invest and Share In the Profits of Electric Playhouse Las Vegas

Note: Investors in this Wefunder round would be investing in Electric Playhouse NV LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Electric Playhouse, Inc.

Electric Playhouse NV LLC intends to create a new Electric Playhouse location in Las Vegas.

Link to video: https://vimeo.com/688102333The statistics in the above slide are for Electric Playhouse Albuquerque, not the location that the entity raising on Wefunder (Electric Playhouse NV LLC) plans to build.

The slide above mentions forward-looking projections that cannot be guaranteed.