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EDA, Inc. / SaaS Platform

EDA’s SaaS platform makes culture visible to decision-makers as the one-stop-shop for all surveys.

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Software designed to make culture visible revolutionizing real-time leadership decisions through actionable insights
EDA's strategy is to capture employee sentiment through a robust AI and one-stop-shop survey platform
We believe SW solution is scalable & enables sticky SaaS and Ai revenue and profits w/ long-term recurring revenue
The company, run by an experienced team, is revenue-generating and expected to be profitable by 2022 (not guaranteed)
EDASurveys beta product is in use, with a full offering expected to be available in early 2022
EDASurveys is targeted to a large addressable market of $10B - 170k companies w/100+ employees in the US
Boards are going to be held accountable by investors for ESG metrics including human capital, leadership, & governance
EDA has an established global human capital brand w/marquis clients, access to the “top of the house” and 500,000+CRM

Our Team

Because success and expertise building a world-class, "top of the house" Human Capital firm, we know that being able to have a visibility on culture is key going forward. Leaders need to be able to create a compelling culture, boards need to be able to hold management accountable & investors need data to make good Q&A decisions.


*The above slide contains forward-looking projections that are not guaranteed.

*The above slide contains forward-looking projections that are not guaranteed.