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Why EatOkra?

EatOkra is on a mission to help millions of people find community through food.

With EatOkra, foodies across the country can discover rich food experiences, and Black-owned restaurants acquire and retain new digital customers. Our vision is to create a Black-owned food ecosystem, built for and powered by community—revolutionizing how people find and support Black food entrepreneurs.

Black communities have long been underserved and underinvested in, with far fewer goods and services at their disposal. Black entrepreneurs are more likely to receive less financing, less often, and at more unfavorable terms (Fundera). We’re seeing that start to change as consumers increasingly align their values with their spending.

As consumers are becoming more conscious, the food delivery market is growing astronomically. 60% of digital consumers order takeout or delivery at least once per week (Fundera).

However, food delivery apps fail to adequately showcase and validate Black-owned food businesses. Yet online searches specifically for Black-owned restaurants have surged by more than 2,500% (Yelp), and 60% of consumers say they prioritize buying from Black-owned businesses (Venture Beat).

The Black-owned food market is massive and brimming with unrealized potential. Beyond the universal challenges of starting a business, Black entrepreneurs face additional difficulties, including lacking the technology necessary to scale their thriving businesses. Furthermore, independent operators often miss out on substantial savings by not leveraging collective buying, which could secure them better deals and enhance their competitiveness in the market.

Introducing EatOkra. We’re creating a Black-owned food ecosystem, built for and powered by community.

We unlock access to a network of untapped restaurants and users, making it easy for consumers to discover and share Black-owned food experiences, and for Black restaurateurs to thrive and scale.

EatOkra helps Black restaurateurs get discovered by hundreds of thousands of new customers, while equipping restaurants with the marketing and business resources they need to grow.

In partnership with Pepsi Dig In, UberEats, ezCater and Apple Maps, EatOkra increases visibility and sales for small businesses around the nation, funneling millions of dollars back into the community.

More than half of Black small business owners report they are self-taught entrepreneurs–and most of them are eager for more educational resources ( In collaborating with Pepsi Dig In, ezCater, and Uber Eats, EatOkra helps provide digital support for Black-owned storefronts including access to resources, mentorship, and training to scale their businesses.

EatOkra isn’t just about soul food. Many coffee shops, wine bars, restaurants, and a variety of concepts and cuisines are Black-owned. We offer users access to food experiences from around the world alongside many options for vegan, vegetarian, and health-conscious consumers.

Our platform features Black-owned food businesses across the United States, helping Black-owned restaurants get discovered and tap into new revenue streams thanks to seamless integration with established delivery partners and the potential to provide nationwide coverage.

To date, EatOkra has provided over 1.5 billion impressions for EatOkra-listed businesses.

Users power our platform. Our directory was started by us, and scaled with the help of our community. In June of 2020, for example, over 8,000 businesses were added to our platform by our community. Users can easily recommend a new listing and our team of experts will verify Black ownership.

EatOkra now hosts over 18,000 restaurants on the platform.

Industry leaders are seeking companies that have strong brands with unique audiences - to reach new demographics through trusted sources.

Last year Google invested in EatOkra via their Black Founders Fund.

We also previously co-hosted the invite-only Taste 404 Summit with UberEats in Atlanta where we brought together Black restaurateurs, culinary creators, and industry experts and provided resources and programs to increase access, efficiencies, business performance, relation currencies, optimizations and sustainability.

EatOkra is a trusted and respected member of the Foodie, and Black Foodie community.

Have you seen our business spotlights?...

We’ve been showcased and highlighted by the most trusted sources in the nation.

EatOkra was featured during the 2022 BET Awards, viewed by over 3.2 million people across the country.

In March 2023, EatOkra was selected to be featured in New York City’s colossal rebrand campaign “We ❤ NYC”, in partnership with the New York City Mayor’s Office. The campaign will run throughout the city over the next year via a dedicated rotating billboard in Times Square.

EatOkra’s team consists of award-winning foodies, marketing veterans, renowned founders and developers with experience from leading companies.

Between them, EatOkra’s co-founders spent nearly 20 years in the United States military and Border Patrol and Customs agency. With the discipline they learned and the sense of community that was created while serving our country, they poured all of it into EatOkra.

There are approximately 3.12 million Black-owned businesses, generating $206 billion in annual revenues, and employing a combined 3.56 million people. (Forbes)

EatOkra earns revenue through: (1) premium service fees from our Group Purchasing Program, (2) digital advertising fees, and (3) brand sponsorships with companies that have an average annual contract value of $300,000.

*Forward-looking projections can't be guaranteed.

Consumers want us to build this; we know because they’ve asked us themselves! EatOkra users continue to take action to help scale our platform.

Now our sights are set on expanding our team, accelerating user acquisition, and scaling food and beverage merchant memberships — on our path to achieving national adoption by millions of new users.

EatOkra - where food, culture and community meet.

*Forward-looking projections can't be guaranteed. 

Community is at the heart of EatOkra and that’s why we’ve carved out a portion of the round for our supporters. You’ll be joining Google for Startups Black Founders Fund which has already come on board as an institutional investor.

Let’s keep the community thriving and pour back into the culture that made us. Invest in EatOkra today.