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Convenient marketplace to find speech-language pathologists (SLPs)
Free membership platform for SLPs to join
We've partnered with KiwiTech for our technology development needs
We have over 40 years of combined experience in the field of speech-language pathology

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EasySLP: The SLP & client solution

EasySLP is a telehealth platform specific to speech-language pathology. The idea for EasySLP was conceived from a combination of factors: the underserved student population of NYC public schools, the pandemic shifting speech services to telehealth models, and the need for licensed speech-language pathologists (SLPs) to be able to source and virtually serve clients.

Meet the team and learn about the roles and responsibilities for each!

Jessica's Roles:

  • Sourcing therapists
  • Therapist onboarding & relationship management 
  • Payment processing 
  • Business Development (nonprofits, pediatrician’s offices, clinics, etc) 
  • Managing customer service & HR Product Owner (Management, Direction, Testing, etc.) Social Media management

Emily's Roles:

  • Client onboarding and marketing solutions Creating Google & Microsoft Ad campaigns Management of landing pages Client email campaign

KiwiTech's Roles:

  • Developing technology solutions and updates as EasySLP expands capabilities & functionalities

EasySLP's Advisory Board assists in making key decisions for growth and development.

$25b is the estimate for the TAM in the speech-language pathology space. There are 40 million people in need of speech/language services. 40 million people multiplied by $50/session over 3 months of therapy (this is the low end of receiving services) at 1-2x/week results in $24b. Evaluations, which can cost between $100-$400 each, account for the estimated additional $1b.

EasySLP as an MVP is an iOS based free membership platform for speech-language pathologists (SLPs) to join, market their services, and provide HIPAA compliant therapy sessions.

It is a marketplace for clients to choose their own SLP and attend HIPAA-compliant therapy sessions. Currently, speech therapy sessions are all private pay as you go.

EasySLP is a free membership platform for SLPs to join and market their services. 

It allows SLPs to increase and manage their practice with no capital cost to them, and allows therapists to set their own individual rate for 30 minutes of therapy. Our MVP allows clients to match and choose their own SLP based on their needs & state of residence.

EasySLP's current MVP model

EasySLP's future product objectives are described above.

1. Launch current MVP private pay model in New York State and attain 500 sessions: Q3 2024

2. Partner with non profits/pediatrician’s offices to provide virtual services: Q3'24-Q4'24

3. Partner with clinics and local in person therapists to incorporate referral model: Q4'24-Q1'25

4. Partner with school districts/centralized providers for virtual or in person services: Q3'25-Q4'25

5. Incorporate additional therapies onto the platform-OT/PT: Q4'25 -Q1'26

6. EasySLP as a private label solution for multiple service providers: Q1'26-beyond

Future projections are not guaranteed

Our first pilot program will be conducted in NY State, where we aim to attain 500 sessions by the end of Q3 2024. Our net revenues are based upon our 20% fee on $50/30 minutes of therapy. It is important to note that sessions do not equal users. Typically, clients attend speech therapy 1-2x/week and for at least 3 months. As we expand our pilot across other states, we plan to reach 20,000 sessions by the end of Q3 2025.

Future projections are not guaranteed

EasySLP is predicting to breakeven at 5,000 sessions based on $50/30 min session of therapy. It is important to note that this graph reflects our current MVP business model, and does not account for future additional revenue streams outlined in our product roadmap.

EasySLP has 3 main competitors in the virtual space. 

Currently, EasySLP is different for several reasons: 

  • It is free for therapists to join and market their services
  • We allow therapists to set their own rate for therapy 
  • We do not require minimum hours for therapists to work 
  • We are not directly hiring our SLPs 
  • We are a marketplace for clients to choose their own therapist 

Although EasySLP provides matching for virtual services at this time, our tech expansion will allow for matching to in person available therapists as well, further setting us apart from the following competitors:

  • is a virtual speech website that raised $15 million Series A in 2022. They directly hire their SLPs (making it difficult for a school/hospital employee to work for them), they choose SLPs on clients' behalf.
  • is a virtual speech website requiring minimum availability for therapists to work. They choose therapists on clients' behalf, and set therapists' pay rate. 
  • is a virtual speech website paying an hourly rate to therapists. They choose therapists on clients' behalf.

Our raise will be done under a SAFE- Simple Agreement for Future Equity. SAFEs convert into equity at a future financing event. 

The valuation cap sets a maximum company valuation for the purpose of conversion. Our seed round target will assist EasySLP in reaching our breakeven point of 5,000 sessions (based on our current MVP model).

Under this agreement, investors would make money when the equity can be sold in an acquisition, merger, or IPO.

Future projections are not guaranteed.

Our Seed Round will make us the platform that has everything in one place to find both virtual and in person therapy needs. With the funds raised through this round, we plan on: 

  • Launching our go to market plan. We will be onboarding clients to the platform and matching them to therapists specific to their needs. 
  • Expanding our matching capabilities to not only telehealth services, but to local and in person therapists/clinics.  
  • Variating time slots for therapy to include virtual evaluations.
  • Improving the therapist/client user experience.
  • Expanding our capabilities beyond iOS to include web-based services.
  • Creating strategic partnerships with entities in need of our technology services.
  • Streamline our backend services.
  • Hire additional team members.

As EasySLP expands capabilities, we plan on hiring these future team roles.

You can check our website out at