AI Mental Health Companion for GenZ

Last Funded April 2024


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4.8 star rating and 40,000+ users
34% mood improvement, 32% anxiety reduction in our members
CEO with multiple exits, investors and advisors from LDV Capital, SpaceX, and other top-tier firms
1 in 2 youth (13-18 y.o.) impacted by mental health--huge problem that needs solving

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Improving mental health for Gen-Z

Portraits of diverse groups of students going through emotional roller coaster journeys from sad, happy, anxious, and overwhelmed to stressed and engaged.
GenZ is the generation most affected by mental health problems and the least satisfied with existing support.

  • The world's youth is in crisis and needs mental health support NOW.
  • Current solutions don't work for them.
  • GenZ wants immediate support that gives them agency and meets them where they are.
  • The future of mental health is hyper-personalized, AI-powered, and radically private.
  • Earkick's Panda is the companion GenZ loves, trusts, and learns from 24/7/365.

  • The substantive costs and suffering of mental health conditions are driven by not intervening in an adequate or timely manner.
  • GenZ experiences a huge delay between the time of symptom onset and treatment.
  • Measurement -if at all - only happens during therapy and is highly biased.
  • Only real-time measurement enables real-time support. Earkick provides both.

GenZ does things on the phone and on the go

With Earkick, all it takes to assess your mental state is a check-in via voice, text, or video. The results are auto-filled in your journal.

Based on that data, the Earkick Panda will then generate a message that provides encouragement and science-based guidance.

“This morning, my wellness coach reminded me to savor each exciting moment in my day but to always take time to rest and recharge. It’s good advice—good enough that I would believe it came from a human,” wrote Jamie Ducharme in TIME Magazine.

Unlike solutions that only measure but don't give you actionable, personalized suggestions and unlike chatbots that only chat without actually knowing or remembering you,

Earkick's proprietary tech combines the best of both worlds into an AI-powered platform.

We trained multi-modal mental sentiment and emotion recognition to recognize mental health states for depression and anxiety and a large language model (LLM) to "talk" to our members, providing actionable advice on various levels. 

Our platform can also deduct PHQ-9 and GAD-7 from the data collected.

It empowers you to measure what you want to manage while paving your way to success with science-based guidance, generated exclusively for you.

Members experience a 34% improvement in mood and a 32% reduction in anxiety

Our data has shown a direct and compelling correlation between continuous, effortless mental health check-ins and improvements in mood and reduced anxiety.

State-of-the-art prediction accuracy instead of guesswork

Earkick’s secret sauce is the AI-driven prediction accuracy that has steadily climbed since our ML/AI team started building the tech. In order to assess the quality of our prediction algorithm, we measure the F1 score of our automatic prediction compared to a test data set with known mood and anxiety. The F1 score has been improving over time with a clear upward trend.

Month "0" represents November 2023. Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.