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🏆 BEAT AMAZON BY 4 DAYS! We beat the USPS as well to our patent for our next-generation mailbox!
💰 The Dronedek market is 160 million addresses. We’ve raised over $6 million in the recent past!
🚀 We believe Dronedek will be the funnel to all delivery. The next great utility.
💯 The DRONEDEK platform will allow all shippers and deliverers access, giving the greatest user experience.

Our Team

In looking at the future, we determined a huge need for safe, secure, smart delivery. With the market acceleration created via this Coronavirus age, the market opportunity is here now. distancing included!

Smart Phones, Smart Homes, Smart Cars. What About Smart Mailboxes?

Dronedek completes the last mile with our smart, secured receptacle technology. All of the value gained through the fast, green, convenient and cost effective strategy of delivery by drone or unmanned vehicle can evaporate when your package is compromised. Weather, animals, thieves and more can beat you to your item unless it’s safely deposited for you in your smart receptacle!

Origin Story

Back in 2014, the idea of drone delivery was just being thought about. As Dan O'Toole, the founder of Dronedek , was returning home from an out of town meeting, his path took him down a rural 2-lane road. As he maneuvered his car down the endless paved road, he looked to his right to notice a drone flying beside him. As he watched the drone with fascination, he begin to wonder how a drone could carry a package to your door and how to safeguard said delivery.

First Patent Issued!

Dan O'Toole had an idea. What separates an idea from reality is execution. Dan's belief is that when one person has an idea, ten people have the same idea. Upon returning home from his business trip, he worked daily for hours on end to add every feature and benefit that could possibly be added to the Dronedek Vision. Within a week, he filed for a United States Utility Patent. Now the waiting game had begun.

Patent Issued! Dronedek's licensing agreement includes the original 2017 patents awarded to Dan O'Toole. As a result Dronedek's license is for smart, safe and secured drone delivery and includes the first utility patent for secured drone delivery. As it would turn out, O'Toole's patents and Dronedek licensing agreement had beaten Amazon by just nine days, the US Postal Service by some two weeks and others by just 22 days. Since, the Dronedek licensing agreement has expanded by O'Toole's second granted patent in October of 2019 with additional patents currently up for examination with the USPTO.

Dronedek: Licensing For The First-Position Patented Solution For The Future of Drone Delivery

Each day there are 100 million items purchased on the internet. 91% or 91 million of those items are 5 pounds or less, making them "drone deliverable". Parcel delivery is easily the single fastest growing facet of the logistics industry. Every day in the US, there are 1.7 million delivered packages stolen. As autonomous delivery becomes a "thing" there is a need right now for the convenience of smart, secure delivery, whether conventional or otherwise.

Enter Dronedek. Using drone delivery can reduce overall delivery costs on applicable packages, with potential savings within the shipping economy of $1 Billion every 11 days. In addition to this, greenhouse gases and traffic congestion can be heavily reduced.


Dronedek has the capacity to both ship and receive your items. Dronedek is a platform-agnostic product that is able to ship and receive via robotic delivery, aerial drone delivery, unmanned-vehicle delivery and of course conventional delivery. Dronedek features a variety of tech features to make it the most advanced drone delivery receptacle on the market. These features include:

  • Heated Motorized Door
  • Cushioned platform to prevent package damage
  • Lowering platform for increased package capacity
  • Climate Controlled for food/beverage/pharmaceuticals
  • Letter Slot for Traditional Mail
  • Sensor Detection for biohazards and explosives with emergency service reporting
  • UV Disinfection
  • Solar Panel for onboard power
  • Drone Charging

Communication Features

  • GPS Communication
  • Drone Status
  • Bluetooth
  • Two-Way Speaker System
  • DocuSign compatible for acceptance of delivery

Security Features

  • Mounted Security Camera
  • Passcode/Key/Fob Access
  • Encrypted Access
  • Ability to “Paint” Targets for Tag and Track

Dronedek Market Opportunity

    Consider that there are 160 million addresses and each day 4,000 new addresses are added. To these addresses, over 600 Million Items are delivered daily. Plus, Dronedek presents new opportunities for temperature-sensitive deliveries including food, drinks, pharmaceuticals, and more.

    Secured drone delivery is gaining speed in the market with Federal Aviation Administration granting approval for certain drone operation. Dronedek's licensing agreement allows the company to commercialize secured drone delivery. The subscription based revenue model for residential and commercial business accounts includes the entire US market.  The current market forecast is based on an ultra conservative 1% market penetration. 

    Our conservative revenue model does not currently include platform access fee revenue  nor does it include our big data revenue stream.

    Strong Patent Portfolio

    All-in, Dronedek licensing agreement includes a combined 112 claims through its patent filings and licensing agreement. We believe Dronedek has the most comprehensive and robust patent portfolio in the drone delivery receptacle space. Our strong first-position patent licensing will allow us to negotiate and issue licensing opportunities and to collaborate with some of the largest companies in the entire world.


    Dronedek is the smart mailbox for a new age of delivery. We ask you to come join us on our journey to making our product the gold standard for residences and businesses all across the United States. In a large and ever-expanding marketplace and a need for more efficient last-mile fulfillment, we believe Dronedek is the answer. With our strong patent portfolio at the forefront of this field, multiple potential revenue streams, and an experienced leadership team, we are set up for success. The world is an ever-changing place.  The next big seismic shift in last-mile logistics is set to take place imminently and Dronedek is at the precipice.  We are building out the next great utility.  While the drone will be the commodity, Dronedek , the safe, secure, smart mailbox of drone and autonomous delivery will be the piece of real estate where all delivery terminates.  Recognizing an opportunity in the moment is the key to successful investing.  Is this your moment?  The sky’s the limit, so come fly with us!

    Thank you for your consideration, and please view the Q&A below for more information.