Fans booking their favorite musicians for a virtual performance

Last Funded June 2023


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💰 $429k raised to date
👋 Team and advisors from The Voice, Sony Music, Amazon, and Google.
📈 145% average WOW growth on new accounts
🥳 $390,000 in gigs income to our artists (GMV)

Our Team

The idea for Doodeo came about because musicians deserve a better way to connect, collaborate, and find opportunities. We’re on a mission to build the biggest online community for performers.

The average entertainer has to use multiple platforms to find work - LinkedIn is for networking, Classified is for finding gigs and Instagram is for sharing content, but they don’t seamlessly work together to connect artists with opportunities.

On the other hand, gig managers are always searching for artists, but online directories lack transparency and clarity, leaving them to depend on less-preferred recommendations. We launched Doodeo to solve these problems.





We break geographical barriers to help our artists generate an income from the globe without leaving their homes, and YOU can enjoy a private live-streamed performance for your gathering.

On March 26th - 2022, Wefunder had a private event by invitation only, during which we privately showcased Doodeo 2.0.

We arranged for a DJ in Ukraine to perform at the event, which was held in Los Angeles. The mere idea that the invitees were seeing someone perform live and privately from another part of the world that is unstable too....blew their heads.

Here's 2 quick videos from the event:




  1. Small to Medium F&B establishments can easily book a musician now.
  2. Fans can finally book their favorite musicians for a private virtual performance.

We are focusing on one type of musician at a time - Onboard, Learn, Optimize, and Expand. 👇





" 2017 it had become apparent that “making it” on Twitch required more than a 9-to-5 commitment - WIRED" (

Twitch (users largely monetize from subscriptions): 

- Followers to subs ratio: 3.7% 

- Avg. subscription fee: $5.11

- Twitch fees: 50%

Rest of the amount is generated through ads and collaborations.

Doodeo (users will largely monetize from their super-fans):

- Followers to bookings ratio: 1.41% 

- Avg. e-gig rate per 30 mins: $35.45

- Per day: 4.7 hours

- Doodeo fees: 25%

Doodeo is the highest paying platform for musicians.

Doodeo: Musicians keep 75%

Twitch: Musicians keep 50%

Tidal: Musicians keep 1.2%

Apple Music: Musicians keep 0.5%

Amazon Music: Musicians keep 0.5%

Spotify: Musicians keep 0.4%

Doodeo strengthens its network effect by leveraging gamification, which encourages new musicians to bring their fans and other musicians onto the platform, thereby amplifying the network effect even further