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DonTruck is the next generation Transportation Management System+ solution

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DonTruck has generated over $45,000 of revenue
Our beta TMS+ platform is being tested and validated by freight brokers - early adopters (LOI's signed)
Our technology is made by logistics experts for the freight industry - innovation from within
Capital markets poured and impressive $11.7B in 2019, in an $800 B /year industry

Our Team

We have been in this industry for more than two decades and we feel and know the pains and gains. This is a strategic $800B/ year industry that supports the US economy. We deeply care about contributing to growing the US economy and being instrumental in transforming the industry through this nascent digital transformation.

The Story of DonTruck

DonTruck was born in 2018. We are very passionate about what we do!

What we do: 

This is our playground, the truck freight industry: 

The truck freight industry is $800B per year and supports de US economy. 

DonTruck industry

The challenges

This is part of why DonTruck was born. As industry experts, we feel the pains and gains from our customers and we devote ourselves to solve their challenges.

DonTruck challenge

Meet DonTruck: 

A single TMS+ platform to run all your freight and logistics business. 

DonTruck Platform

Our Business model:

Works everywhere, anywhere for a monthly subscription fee. 

Our timeline:

These have been our steps. We look forward to bringing DonTruck into further success.

The DT-Team: 

We are entrepreneurs, we are operators and we are passionate about execution: and we like to have fun while doing so!

DonTruck team

Come join the DonTruck revolution!