DonorSee, Inc.

Transforming how charitable giving is done.

Last Funded March 2023


raised from 134 investors


📈 In the last 3 years, revenue has grown 4x, and transaction volume 3.5x.
💰 $6 million transaction volume to-date.
🌎 10k people in active community on platform, with 98% retention rate.
🤝 100+ partner orgs, with 93% retention rate.

Our Team

DonorSee was started with the belief that people are generous, they just need to see the need and trust that their money will actually make an impact. We believe that there is a global community of people who want to make a difference, and DonorSee makes donating as transparent and direct as possible. 

Watch your investment grow while you make a difference.

We live in the most socially conscious time in history.

In the US alone last year, nearly $500 billion was given to help others. Yet, only 15% of that was given online.

However, this is changing. Online giving is increasing 20% per year.

DonorSee is a 'for profit' technology platform transforming how charitable giving is done.

At DonorSee, we have created a community platform that is completely transforming how charitable giving is done, and how people connect with their giving. The magic is in the connection on the platform. People can give to vetted projects and non profits, and see the impact of their giving through video follow-ups directly from the ground.

In the last 3 years, our revenue has grown over 4x, and the transaction volume on DonorSee has grown over 3.5x.

14k projects have been funded, and 36k videos sent from developing countries to people all over the world.

Our mission is to create the largest community of people and nonprofits on one platform working together to end extreme poverty.

You have the opportunity to help us take it to the next level and to be part of something special that makes a difference.

In today’s market, nonprofits are finding it increasingly difficult to find new donors and connect with them in a meaningful way so that they give again.

For donors, there is a lack of trust, control and transparency resulting in a poor giving experience.

When someone gives, they often do it in a cold and transactional way. They give, and they forget about it. They rarely, if ever, see how that money was used or get to experience the emotional connection that is a crucial part of helping people.

We decided it's past due for technology to solve this problem.

Giving is different when you see the joy it creates.

DonorSee is a web and mobile platform that allows people to directly support vetted projects and nonprofit organizations around the world.

The magic is in the human connection on the platform. Donors get video updates on every donation showing the difference it made in people's lives, and can connect with the people and causes they support in a way never experienced before.

People love it and it is reinventing charitable giving.

Connecting nonprofits and donors in a way that they love. 

We partner with vetted nonprofits in 38 countries and host thousands of projects. People can discover individual stories and projects on the platform that inspire them to give.

Some of the projects are small, like $360 to provide Clement with a wheelchair (try not to cry). And some of the projects are larger, like $450,000 to build the first STEM high school in Malawi.

Donors can choose projects themselves, or subscribe and their monthly gift is automatically distributed through the platform.

We bring Donors to the scene of their giving, and show them exactly how their money was used, and the joy it created. We have seen time and time again that happy donors make the biggest impact.

When people donate from a place of guilt or a feeling of pressure, they tend to get fatigued and stop giving. But when you give them a really amazing donor experience, they are inspired to do more, they tell their friends, and they become more educated and intentional with their giving.

Donors value trust, the connection to the person they are helping and the immediacy. By showing them the impact of their donation, we have seen donors coming back to give more and more often.

Donors love the DonorSee experience.

And nonprofits love it too.

DonorSee provides nonprofits with all of the tools needed to succeed. Allowing them to connect with new donors, build lasting relationships with them, raise more, and grow their impact.

Our mission

In a world of instant access to media and information, people value immediacy, and they value trust and transparency. They find this on DonorSee.

There is a global army of people that want to be part of something bigger than themselves, to be part of a mission to drive real change in the world.

We have made that simple, transparent, and joyful.

What the DonorSee Community has done

So far, 14,000 projects have been successfully funded, 36,000 videos have been sent to donors, and $6 million dollars has been donated through DonorSee.

What started as a reimagining of the Donor experience has transformed into a community of people and organizations around the world transforming thousands of lives.

Thousands of lives are transformed every year, and we have the opportunity to do so much more.

The market opportunity 

Total U.S. charitable giving reached $484.85 billion last year. People are generous and are looking for effective and rewarding ways to help others.

Yet, in 2021, only 15% of that was given online.

Donation revenue and interest in philanthropy continues to grow across the board, but it’s still essential that nonprofits adapt their strategies to shifting demographic preferences.

Online is where the top opportunity for nonprofits donations lie. It is expected to gain $120.1 billion of global annual giving by 2025.

We have developed a platform and experience that helps non-profits adapt to online giving but equips them with all the tools they need to successfully fundraise online. The Donor experience and retention is a core unique selling point of what we do.

DonorSee the first video based platform and developed a global community on the platform.

There has been a major shift towards video platforms like YouTube and TikTok in recent years. Video has proven itself as the go-to medium for communication and applied that same approach to charitable giving and humanitarian work.

What's next

From very humble beginnings, in the last 3 years, our revenue has grown over 4x, and the amount raised on the platform has grown over 3.5x. Our community on the platform is over 10,000 and growing.

We have a great product where nonprofits can tell their stories and connect directly with donors, where donors can give joyfully and trust their donations are used effectively, and where real sustainable change happens for the world’s poorest.

Now is the time to scale and expand globally.

We think equity crowdfunding is the perfect way to do that. It gives you and everyone the ability to have ownership in DonorSee and to benefit from its growth and success.

Use of funds

DonorSee is seeking to raise $800,000 USD through a 90 day WeFunder campaign. With this funding, we will continue to expand and develop DonorSee in the following areas:

  • We will recruit an additional 400 humanitarian partners and expand our reach to 60 countries.
  • We will invest in our team and onboard new staff in product, partner success and marketing.
  • We will continue to develop our platform with new feature releases and invest in user experience, creating the best possible experience for both nonprofits and our donor base.
  • Invest in marketing to reach more people and grow our existing donor base from 10,000 to 50,000.

By doing this, DonorSee will create a global community of people coming together to end extreme poverty.

Only ~$618,000 can be raised through Reg CF. The remaining amount can still be raised under Reg D.

Invest for impact

People have never been more socially conscious. They want to help, they just don't know how. We have found a way to provide the connection and transparency they need.

An investment in DonorSee’s technology platform means you get to benefit from very strong ROI over the lifetime of your investment (not guaranteed), while doing good in the world.

DonorSee is building a global community of people committed to ending extreme poverty through innovative means. This was the vision of our late visionary founder, Gret Glyer, and it remains our guiding light. We are excited to ramp up our impact through this 90-day campaign.

So join us. Stand behind a mission you can believe in - impact lives, bring joy and join the global army of people changing how charitable giving is done.

If you have any questions you can post them in the 'Ask a question' section above or email [email protected] and we will be happy to answer them.