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Invest in Digifox

An all-in-one finance app — better interest rates and lower fees


📈 Founded by the creator of DataDash, the #1 YouTube channel for crypto with 343,000 subscribers.
✔️ Our app is fully built and live on both iOS and Android.
💰 Our company generates multiple revenue streams from lending, borrowing, trading and transactions.
💭 Advised by Zeb Evans, founder of & John DeVadoss, architect for .NET at Microsoft.
👨‍💻👩‍💻 Over 3,400 people registered to be notified for Digifox's public launch on June 15th.
📊 We constantly aggregate the best financial services on the market into one seamless experience.
⚡ Digifox has been entirely self-funded by the founder, Nicholas Merten.
📢 We've created a cutting-edge referral model to build real relationships and scale exponentially.

Our Team

Our vision for Digifox comes from years of frustration with managing personal finances. The industry is riddled with middlemen, outdated payment networks, and hasn't kept up with the rest of the world. We're here to bring finance into the 21st century, with better yields, more opportunities, and friction-less payments. all-in-one finance app. With better interest rates & lower fees.

Finance is severely outdated. Users earn nearly zero interest on their savings, it's expensive to move money, and most people end up needing a dozen different applications in order to manage their finances. Digifox has created an all-in-one, intuitive app that allows you to earn interest rates as high as 8% on your savings and sent payments across the globe for pennies.

The problem

When your managing your finances, you'll likely have to download a dozen different apps, deal with countless fees, and settle for poor returns on your hard-earned savings. It's become the norm to expect less. But that's all about to change.

What we're doing

Digifox is an app that can aggregate the vast majority of your financial needs. Whether it's managing your savings, making payments, managing your taxes, or buying cryptocurrencies, we've got you covered. No need to manage countless apps or input your personal information a dozen times on different applications.

Earn more with 100x better interest rates

In the United States alone, there are $9.2 trillion dollars in deposits, earning a measly 0.07% APY on average. This is unacceptable in our view. That's why we've built a competitive marketplace for you to choose where you put your money to work. We offer opportunities that pay as high as 7% annually, and aim to add even more options as time progresses. Our key partner is Ce

Bring your transaction costs near-zero

Payments are simply outdated. With Digifox, we're bringing payments into the 21st century. No more having to wait for three business days or dealing with ridiculous transaction fees. We're helping everyday people, businesses, and merchants bring down the cost of payments. The max fee we charge per transaction is 15 cents.


Digifox has made a lot of progress over the course of a year. We've grown from a concept to a fully-built product, available to users in over dozens of countries on both iOS and Android. And all early stage efforts have been funded by the founder, Nicholas Merten.

Use of Funds