A DeFi ecosystem for payments and financing leveraging proprietary blockchain infrastructure

Last Funded May 2022


raised from 468 investors
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Proprietary technology infrastructure with the ability to process 100 million+ transactions per day
A unique combination of diamond industry experience and technical solution that solves real problems
User consortium of over 400 diamond industry participants representing $82 billion of potential revenue
PayCircle is live in the beta version for market review and feedback

Our Team

We founded Diamante Blockchain to bring innovative technologies to global trade wholesale finance, and remittances, beginning with PayCircle, a DeFi payment solution that allows businesses and individuals to conduct payments at a fraction of the current cost with dramatically improved speed and efficiency.

The Diamante Journey

Dinesh Patel and Chirag Jetani both come from families who lived and breathed gems and jewelry business for generations. They’ve experienced firsthand how antiquated technology, manual processes, and lack of information make global trade more challenging and costly.

Problem Statement

The Diamante Solution

Creating a dedicated ecosystem for payments and financing by establishing concrete trust and ensuring full security in trade and transactions by leveraging proprietary blockchain infrastructure.

The Diamante Ecosystem

  • Proprietary blockchain network - ​Diamante Net
  • DeFi payments application - ​PayCircle
  • Blockchain application - ​DiamCircle
  • Native digital asset on Diamante Net (Utility Coin) - ​DIAM
  • DeFi credit application - ​CreditCircle
  • Consortium of luxury goods and service industry stakeholders - ​Diamante Consortium

Target Market

Diamante Net 

Diamante Net is Diamante’s proprietary blockchain network that facilitates real-time value transfer across the Diamante ecosystem. 

PayCircle - DeFi Payment Application  

PayCircle is a DeFi payments solution built for global businesses and individuals. PayCircle allows users to hold and transfer a variety of fiat and digital assets globally, anytime, anywhere.

PayCircle Projections

PayCircle is estimated to acquire more than three million users in the next five years and generate +$100 million in revenue by 2025. These projections cannot be guaranteed.

How Will the Funds be Utilized?

How Will You Make Money?

We will earn revenue by charging a fee on businesses and individuals' payments on the PayCircle platform. Our fees will be 50% lower than those charged by banks.

CreditCircle, our proprietary credit solution, will generate revenue from two primary sources. In the first instance, we will earn interest revenue on credit that we provide directly to consortium members. Secondly, traditional lenders and credit providers will be able to access the platform by paying a fee to Diamante, which will, in turn, allow the banks to connect with potential borrowers directly.

PayCircle allows free deposits of funds and assets. The user has to pay a negligible fee while conducting transfer transactions and a withdrawal fee while processing a withdrawal.

Who are our Competitors?

Diamante delivers value across a number of metrics, in ways that other payment solutions currently do not:


Participation in the Diamante ecosystem is anchored by the Diamante Consortium, a premier group of market participants in the diamond and luxury goods supply chains who leverage the Diamante suite of products and services to operate their businesses more efficiently and effectively.

Industry Support

Diamante has successfully conducted a proof of concept (POC) of PayCircle, its DeFi payments application with Diamond, Textile, Oil, and Pharmaceutical giants.


Diamante featured on Advancements hosted by Ted Danson on CNBC