Destiny Robotics

Socially Intelligent Humanoid Robot. The First Humanoid Home Assistant.

Last Funded July 2022


raised from 145 investors
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💰 Intend to disrupt the estimated Robotics Technology Market of $189.3 Billion
World-class Team, worked at Huawei, U.S. Department of Defense, HSBC, University of Cambridge
☘️We solve the problem of loneliness experienced by 43% of adults and 80% of kids
💸 Pre-orders representing a potential $140,000 in just a couple of days

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I started Destiny Robotics to solve the problem of people feeling lonely. My Mission is to give everyone the humanoid home assistant.

Why Destiny Robotics?

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Destiny Robotics is making the world's first humanoid robot assistant for household use.

We're revolutionizing the estimated $189 Billion, Robotics Market.

We are solving the major problem in the world while 43 % of adults and 80% of kids are experiencing loneliness which leads to enormous mental health problems.

More than 3 out of 5 Americans feel chronically lonely. loneliness is associated with a 40% increase in a person’s risk of dementia, early death, and other mental problems.  We meet loneliness in every age range. That’s why socially intelligent humanoid robots can be a huge contribution as a tool to save ½ of the world’s population in a healthy state of mind. 

Humanoid robots like Destiny are an ideal mechanism for connecting humans with robots in a deeply engaging manner.

Our goal is to create next-generation Robots that can interact with humans at a much deeper level than currently possible. 

Humanoid robot Destiny will exist and work in a close relationship with human beings in the everyday world to serve the needs of physically handicapped people, the elderly, kids, and the busiest family members. These robots must be able to cope with the wide variety of tasks and objects encountered in dynamic unstructured environments.

We believe we are better than competitors because Destiny Robotics Humanoid at-home assistants will be able to form much more meaningful interactions with humans. The reason is Destiny's similarity to humans. Currently, people interact with at-home assistants that have the shape of the box.

Pre-orders are already available on our website. People can make pre-orders for $12 a robot which is equivalent to a $3,700 value reservation. Reservations can be refunded anytime. 

Destiny Robotics is representing a potential ~ $140,000, from pre-orders! Up to 40 robots are already reserved!

We are on a mission to build an automated future! Join us in Rotobics Revolution by investing Today!