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Curtiss Motorcycle Co.

Curtiss is re-born to lead the future of true luxury battery electric motoring

Last Funded August 2021


raised from 560 investors
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Our team invented exclusive luxury motoring on two wheels.
We dominated the category as a monopoly for 20+ years.
We became public on the OTC in 2009.
In 2015, we concluded that true luxury motorcycling with old ICE technology cannot be made honest.
We shifted to Curtiss to prioritize innovation and advanced design in pursuit of true luxury.
Entering our new startup phase, we stopped reporting and went into the dark.
From that date in 2015, all R&D efforts in the old company were dedicated to our Curtiss LEV future.
In Feb 2018, we formally became Curtiss (CMOT) and we began our pre-revenue full-LEV startup phase.

Our Team

We feel there has never been true luxury two-wheeled motoring.

Curtiss Motorcycle Co.

“Within an industry (LEV) insistent upon making obsolete-by-design objects, we are different. We are only interested in creating timeless, ageless, future-proof, forever work.”

Product Strategy:

We have a simple “One, Two, Three” portfolio plan; think Mercedes-Benz S-class, E-class, and C-class.

  • We launch with the Curtiss One platform, our S-class. The pinnacle luxury motoring experience.
  • The Two and the Three architectures will follow; our E-class and C-class platforms, respectively.

The Problem:

Our team invented the first exclusive luxury motorcycle category. Unfortunately, with ICE technology it wasn’t possible to deliver a true luxury experience, so we formed Curtiss to start fresh with LEV’s.

The Solution:

Curtiss is now the first ever exclusive true luxury motorcycle maker.

What We Create:

Romantic desire like never before in the world of motoring, made possible by battery electric technology; always featuring timeless design, perfect proportion, and just the right amount of decadence.

Target Customer:

    We have approximately 1,000 qualified expressions of interest to purchase a Curtiss One.

    We have 24 firm pre-sales. Four of these customers do not know how to shift an ICE motorcycle. These customers represent our glorious future; the new age where LEV motoring on two wheels is wholesome, accessible, fun, easy, cool and as safe as a bicycle.

    Our initial go-to-market strategy focuses on the California deca-millionaire with a favorable impression of EV technology.


      We will execute a concentrated distribution approach, akin to how Starbucks entered key markets. By focusing on key geographic locations we simplify logistics and mandated 5-star service, while amplifying our presence.

      Our data shows that there are 100,000+ deca-millionaires in California that have pre-existing experience with EV technology, therefore we will focus on California first.

      Presently, 15 complete sets of proprietary parts are in transit to our New Orleans studio, where we plan to build these Curtiss One motorcycles to be used for in-store display across California, launching on Black Friday, 2021.

      An all new, highest-level is scheduled to be launched on Black Friday as well, featuring two new model releases, a refreshed configurator and point-of-sale tools.

      All final motorcycle and apparel purchases will be made through, however, each store will be given exclusivity within a particular territory, with any sales coming from that territory awarded a commission.

      Craft & Serve:

        Online pre-selling will be backed by a unique decentralized Craft & Serve model. Our core virtue of sustainability and foundation of simplicity will inform this strategy, as we seek to restore and revitalize areas proximate to key customer locations based upon re-purposing areas and buildings in need of good core jobs and refurbishment.

        For example, our first Southeast location in Leeds, AL; a repurposed 1920’s building of approximately 6,500 sq ft that is expandable to 12,000 sq ft, where our assembly, refurbishment and small batch core job creation moves the needle. Additionally, our New Orleans creative studio hosts small batch “Work of Art” production, informing 5-times higher volume production in Leeds.

        Secondary Round:

          Curtiss will initiate a secondary crowdfunding round of up to $4,500,000 upon the completion of an in-progress audit this Summer. The round is scheduled to coincide with CMOT coming out-of-the-dark on the OTC market (step one in our goal to uplist to OTCQX by the end of 2021) and will list common stock shares at a greater valuation than this current round.


          We believe that our experience is ideal, our timing is excellent, our launch product is perfect and our initial market segment entry is smart.

          We are the right size and 100% focused.

          Establishment OEM’s are diluted by stranded assets and human resource obsolescence.

          Core Competencies:

          Brand, Product Presence, Product Feel, Speed, Small batch hand craftsmanship


          To build and own the luxury market for battery electric motorcycles world wide, earning Ferrari-like margins.

          Why Invest?

          To join Curtiss as we come out of the dark on the OTC market, initiate production, and become the first EV maker in history to generate sustainable net cash flow from operations.

          Achieving these 2021 short term goals while entering new, more relevant LEV market mind space annually, will drive positive awareness for our Curtiss brand, creating growing top line sales and bottom line margins, resulting in a long term growing valuation for your CMOT common stock.   


          The One features our proprietary, patent-pending Centered Power Axis (CPA) design mounted via our unique, future-proof Triple Load Path (TLP) architecture, the basis for all future Curtiss models. This advanced design optimizes balance on two wheels.

          The patent-pending Centered Power Axis

          We have created the most power-dense EV powertrain ever. Our fully-immersed, liquid-cooled battery pack is the first-of-its-kind, playing triple duty as The One’s high-voltage energy source, backbone structure and powertrain radiator.

          Our uber-small, lightweight, 217 horsepower capable axial flux motor, incredibly compact billet-encased inverter and onboard charging system, like all things Curtiss, were created to an uncompromised, best and finest mandate.

          Triple Load Path Architecture

          The Curtiss invention of this all new highest-level LEV powertrain fused with the most advanced aircraft-inspired architecture ever created makes two wheeled motoring truly luxurious, a first.

          Liquid cooled battery power pack

          Additionally, each Curtiss is created with the dream that it will last forever allowing for ease of upgrading the battery to keep pace with the latest technology and downloading all new application software.