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Sales Growth of 364% and 230% increase in new customers in 12 months.
Over 3000 Registered Users and 1400+ Paid Users
Ave. Spend Per Customer $50+
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Our Team

We care about access to justice for the Creator Community. We have been part of the community for many years. Distribution for creative content has changed and legal tech has changed how consumers can get legal services. It is perfect timing for a legal tech solution for a hugely growing market.

One-Click Contracts for Creators!

Why Creators Legal?


The Short Story:  We built Creators Legal because traditional legal just doesn’t work for the 50+ million creators working every day.

Creators Legal provides trustworthy contracts and legal solutions to the creative industry so filmmakers, musicians, authors, and digital creators can protect and monetize their work without expensive lawyers.

The Full Version:  Creators Legal helps creatives protect their work through simple, fast, and affordable legal solutions. 

Creators Legal is for Creatives, Helping the Creative Industry Protect themselves and manage their deals from end to end. 

Our Product: Digitized Lawyer Highly Specialized Lawyer Drafted Templates with an eSignature System and encrypted and safe storage system that doubles as a Project Management Dashboard.

We save creators time and money.

We are not a law firm and that's a good thing! Traditional Legal models are broken. 95% of consumers who need legal can’t afford it and they simply don't need it. Traditional lawyers are expensive, slow, and frankly out of touch. 

The average lawyer in America charges $350.00 an hour. The average contract is approximately $6900.00 from start to finish! This is absurd and the traditional business model leaves too many consumers out in the cold. 

Legal Tech has changed the way consumers get legal. It has taken many years for regulation and acceptance to catch up to consumer sentiment. Now Legal Tech is fully accepted and the preferred way to get legal services. 

  • Legal Zoom & Rocket Lawyer (and others) for General Legal Services
  • Hello Divorce & Bliss Divorce for Online Divorce
  • Do Not Pay for Consumer Issues
  • Trust and Will for Estate Planning
  • Clerky for Startups
  • Carta for Shareholder and Cap Table Management
  • Creators Legal for Entertainment and Media Law

Creators Legal is focused exclusively on creatives and brands hiring creatives, small to medium-production companies, and creative entrepreneurs in the creator space.

The Legal Tech industry will continue to niche down to directly serve consumers in specific fields. Over the next few years, we expect to see legal tech serve all consumer legal needs. 

We are just coming out of our Private Beta with close to:

-  3000 Registered Users

  • 1500 Paid Users
  • 400 subscribers
  • More than 5000 contracts built

The Shift

The walls of distribution have changed. It is no longer necessary for a filmmaker to have an agent, be backed by a major studio, and secure a distribution deal to get their work out to the world. An iPhone and a YouTube account will suffice. A musician can create a Spotify account and build an audience. An Author can self-publish directly to Kindle Direct Publishing. An aspiring thought leader simply needs an Apple account to release a new podcast. 

New distribution channels and tools continue to emerge to help creators reach new audiences every day. 

The shift has built a new economy that has quickly become fully integrated into our everyday lives. Millions of people are now earning their livings in the Passion Economy.

Who Are We Built For?

We built Creators Legal for Creatives, those in the Passion Economy. 

  • Filmmakers
  • Musicians
  • Podcasters
  • Authors
  • Content Creators
  • Brands
  • Bloggers
  • Designers
  • Artists
  • Live Theater

Those working every day in the intersection between Art and Commerce are working squarely in the future of work. 

We aren't just about the contracts!  Although our contracts are 100% drafted by real entertainment and media lawyers - our system is about a lot more than contracts. 

We are a SaaS platform to assist them in their everyday work - a Contract Management System from end to end! 

  • The right contract is built in minutes
  • A digital version of the agreement is sent to the other party for review or signature
  • Signed and stored in an encrypted and secure dashboard
  • Formally Managed to be able to access quickly and easily.

Meet Creators Legal User Michael Evans

Michael Evans is one of our student subscribers and biggest fans. A sophomore at Harvard. He is a Self-Published Writer of more than 13 novels. Most completed before his 18th birthday. Michael struggled for years with his collaborations for editing, book design, cover design, and more.  Michael found creators legal, was so impressed got in touch with use to help us launch the Harvard creator program. He brought in more than 50 student creators from Harvard. 

Michael is now the host of the Subscriptions for Authors Podcast and developing his own tech platform for self-published authors.  

Prior to creators, Michael relied on emails and handshake deals to help him get his work done. Constantly running into the challenges that they pose. People demanding payments for work unfinished and not agreed upon. He had little to no way of changing this. 

Once he discovered Creators Legal, this all changed. Michael now uses Creators as his management platform for both books, podcasts, and the new venture! Now, Michael knows that when he is done with a book or puts out a pod, he owns all the intellectual property. Cost... Michael is on a $40.00 Annual Student Subscription! 

It's a seamless system that should have been created years ago. As soon as I saw it I wanted to be part of it. I'm glad it's there for us.  Michael Evans, Author, and Student Creator Who Are We?

We were founded by lawyers in the creative industry. We spent more than 20 years working as lawyers, agents, and producers. Not only have we been all these things, we are also entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses in the legal and entertainment industries. 

Meet Eric Farber

Eric Farber is the Founder and CEO of the company. He is also the Founder of Pacific Workers, a law firm based in Northern California representing injured workers. Pacific Workers was originally focused specifically on injuries for athletes and entertainers and has grown to more than 6 offices with close to 70 people. 

Prior to this, he represented Athletes and Entertainers in their careers and personal life. He was a go-to lawyer in intellectual property litigation and entertainment law. For over 18 years, Eric represented the Tupac Shakur estate working on everything from music infringement cases to book publishing deals. He became an expert in copyright infringement on the internet dealing with dozens of cases involving domain name disputes, photographs, music infringement, and the DMCA.

Creators Legal has been a dream project for him. Seeing so many deals go sideways because of the lack of simple contracts. 

Creators Legal is about democratizing the entertainment business. Getting the same contracts and deals into the hands of the everyday creator. Creators Legal opens the vault that has previously only been accessible by the biggest production companies and artists.  Eric Farber

Eric is also the author of The Case for Culture, a bestselling book about building business through a strong culture. He is the host of the Daily Creator Podcast and a frequent speaker on legal issues for creators and legal tech.

Phil Alberstat - Co-Founder COO

The rest of the team is made up of former lawyers and creatives who have been working in the industry for many years. He began as an Intellectual Property attorney, then moved to WME (formerly the William Morris Agency). Phil became an expert in film financing and moved on from agency life to producing where he has been nominated for numerous awards. He has written several best-selling books, including the Content Creators' Handbook. 

Phil was a co-founder of Audio-Up, one of the largest podcast production and distribution companies in the world. 

Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?

We have just come out of our Private Beta. We are working hard to make our tech better and stronger.  

  • We now have more than 3000 Registered Users
  • Close to 1500 Paid Users
  • 400+ Subscribers
  • $40,000+ ARR

During our Beta, we also launched an Education Program. A full-use subscription at heavily discounted rates for students and faculty in creative programs. We launched in two places, Cal State Northridge Upper-Level Film Classes which we are now required to use for their upper-level film students, and Harvard University where we now have more than 50 student creators on our student subscription service. 

We have made dozens of changes to our tech, adding more than 100 new contracts, a full-editor feature, user review features, and more. We continue to make significant changes to the tech to increase the user experience.  

We are now poised to become the go-to legal solution for filmmakers, musicians, indie TV producers, podcasters, authors, digital content creators, designers, and a whole lot more.

How Big is the Market? 

We target a larger segment thaPassion Economy, a much bigger circle than the Creator Economy. The Passion Economy includes more traditional creators, filmmakers, musicians, authors, podcasters, digital creators, web designers & developers, graphic & visual artists, bloggers, content creators, and affiliate marketers. 

In 2020, SignalFire, estimated the Creator Economy to be valued at $100B. The broader creator economy is expected to be over $1T by the end of the decade.

How Do We Make Money?

We are at a SaaS platform - a subscription service - however we do offer single-use contracts. We have $40/month and $108/annual subscriptions. These have been basic introductory prices in our Beta. 

We have a current ARR of approximately $40,000.00 and a spend per customer of over $50.00. 

Coming out of our Beta, we have approximately 400 Annual, Monthly & Student Subscribers. 

The Future of Creators Legal

We continue to build upon the success of our Beta launch. Creators Legal is quickly becoming the go-to solution for creatives to get their legal done and manage all of the contracts from beginning to end. 

We continue to build on our tech and increase our user experience. We are now iterating the use of AI into our system to increase, accuracy and offerings for the users. AI contract drafting will become a part of the system over the coming months and years. 

The trend that more people untether from the 9-5 desk and work in their passion fuels the new economy and creators legal is poised to be the first in line to help them get legal!

Come Join Our Mission!

Creators Legal is raising funds to create a better customer experience and get the word out. 

Come join us in our mission to help creators get fast, simple, and affordable legal for all creators!