AI-powered visual analytics that helps marketers make better creative choices

Last Funded February 2021


raised from 1,258 investors

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Founder and CEO of Venture Lane
Invested $1,000 this round + $40,000 previously

I invested into Cortex, because the potential behind their AI is limitless. Today Cortex helps brands and marketers make the right decision in choosing visuals in the representation of products in categories like beauty, transportation, FMCG or travel. Cortex creates deep insights into the taste of audiences and helps drive commercial and creative decisions at some of the world’s best brands like L’Oreal, Toyota, Oreo, Bud Light or Marriot.

The founders Brennan White and Matt Peters grew up as entrepreneurs in the marketing and visual space. They founded Cortex in 2015 with the idea to identify successful patterns behind visuals that companies use to advertise for their products. In a world of social media where decisions are more and more driven by images Cortex can make the decisive difference on how efficient a campaign is. Early on the team showed strong traction and the ability to attract and retain big brand and agency names.  

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