Coral Club

A new cocktail bar celebrating the creative spirit of East Nashville

Last Funded June 2024


raised from 28 investors


Over 40 years of combined hospitality experience in Food & Beverage amongst the partners.
Years of experience from Michelin Stars to Worlds 50Best Bars & Restaurants, Dive Bars to Wine Bars
Nashvilles explosive growth remains as some of the best in country. 98 people move to town each day.
Music City visitors spent $27 million a day in 2022 breaking records and up 35% from 2021

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Our Team

Join us in creating your Coral Club.

Coral Club offers 2,500 square feet of year-round drinking space and an additional 1,300 square feet of seasonal rooftop deck in the heart of East Nashville. 

Biophilic design and warm curves inspire a vacation state of mind - an inviting cocktail den with modern coastal vibes and local flair.

There is space for everyone here. Secluded nooks and corners offer privacy, a prominent bar welcomes regulars and singles, and flexible seating accommodates large groups.

You can hang out all day with light, airy day-time vibes transitioning to mood lighting at night with a music program that builds intensity as the night progresses to compliment the space and the welcoming atmosphere we love to curate.

Coral Club will be open year-round, 7 days a week, 5pm–1am providing a soft, organic, safe, and inviting environment to drink, gather, and create memories.

East Nashville has only one rooftop bar for over 70,000 residents. We’re excited to fill a large void in the East Nashville food & beverage space. 

From Catbird Seat, Patterson House, and Rolf & Daughters to Folk, Attaboy, and Urban Cowboy Public House, our team has helped shape many of the food and beverage experiences that have put Nashville on the culinary map. 

With Tennessee surpassing population growth records, Nashville's 14.2% growth from 2010 to 2020, and a thriving job market, the appetite for these experiences is only growing, 

Coral Club is poised to capture the influx of residents and visitors seeking a vibrant and dynamic social experience.

We’ve spent the last two years scheming—touring spaces, meeting landlords, doing market research, getting bids from contractors.

Then we came across this location. We knew this was the perfect place for Coral Club.

We’re raising money to fund completion of the buildout and operations and make sure that we can offer a great product.

We’ve partnered with Pathway lending and local investors to get ready to open the bar.

We’re raising to get to the finish line while making sure that our earliest supporters, neighbors, and community members are onboard to share in what we’re creating.

So many of Nashville’s hottest new developments are funded by big corporations from out of town. We’re a team proudly based in East Nashville, looking to serve the residents and visitors of East Nashville.

We think that Nashville deserves to own a piece of Coral Club and our success.

100% of the company’s distributable cash* for each fiscal quarter will be distributed by Coral Club to investors owning Preferred Units until all investors have received 120% of their investment in Coral Club.

After that, 20% of Coral Club’s distributable cash for each fiscal quarter will be distributed by Coral Club to each investor, in relation to their initial investment, in perpetuity.

*Distributable cash means, for any fiscal period of the Company, the Company’s gross revenues from operations received during such period less cash funds used to pay current operating expenses (including management operation pay to Bar Riviera LLC) and to pay or establish reasonable reserves for future expenses, debt payments, capital improvements, and replacements as determined by the Managing Member.

Forward-looking statements are not guaranteed.

Based on a conservative projected annual growth rate of 5%, we have calculated a complete return of investor capital, including preferred return distribution, to be accomplished in full in calendar year 3 and the switch from 100% distributable cash to investors and 0% to management to 80% distributable cash to management and 20% to investors in perpetuity.

We, the company, will actively be working in and managing the day-to-day operations of the business, overseeing every drink poured and guest served. Our main priority is to protect our asset at all costs, ensuring that our vision and your money are safe, secure, and profitable.

We will provide quarterly statements, P&L’s, and will always be available to discuss operations and financials. We have available our full 7-year proforma for your review.

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.