The Co-Own Company

We are changing the future of urban home ownership by developing net-zero co-owned housing in the US

Last Funded May 2021


raised from 209 investors
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We are building nationwide, scalable, for-profit shared ownership housing in the United States.
Highly desirable urban infill and university locations
High tech, net-zero energy architecture (3 kWh+ solar array per residence), specifically designed for comfortable co-own
Easy and hassle free onboarding, furniture rental available, professional management, fees cover all utilities and maint

Our Team

Millennials want to own urban housing, but are shut out of the housing market due to price and scarcity. We are going to change that. The traditional suburban home ownership model is not sustainable environmentally or fiscally.

The Co-Own Company

The Co-Own Company was formed to develop, sell, and manage co-owned housing in urban and university neighborhoods, on well-located infill sites.

The Problem

  • Millennials cannot afford to purchase housing in urban centers.
  • Traditional suburban housing is boring, undesirable and lacks connection.
  • Renting in an urban center is expensive and does not build equity.

Our Solution

  • Shared equity co-ownership of new units.
  • Urban, high-tech, net-zero energy design, close to transit, shops, restaurants, and schools.
  • Easy and hassle-free onboarding.
  • OWN beautiful, new, urban, net-zero energy housing for a payment that is less than rent for similar housing.
  • Homes are sold with co-op ownership shares, which can be re-sold at market rates at any time the owner wants.
  • Homes have functional private space and high end shared amenities.
  • Co-owners can borrow up to $10K of their share down payment from us and roll it into their monthly fees – the cost of entry is the same as renting – but with equity.


    Urban Single Family Homes: way too expensive, aging rapidly.

    Traditional Rental Housing: expensive, impersonal, no equity.

    Co-Living Rentals: no equity, too many residents per building.

    Subsidized Affordable Housing: low income caps, inaccessible, limited equity.

    We believe we are building the best nationwide, scalable, for-profit shared ownership housing in the country.

    Our team has experts from many fields which will enable us to launch successfully (please see team profiles).

    We are raising $1,000,000 from non-accredited investors and a remaining $9,500,000 will come from accredited (high net worth) investors.  The $1,000,000 Wefunder "Go To Market" raise will be used to pre-sell and build one "Single Family Home" model in Denver.  This model can be built across the United States and we believe it to be a market disrupter upon introduction.  

    The $200,000 minimum of the "Go To Market Raise" will be used for Pre-Development costs (architecture and various engineering fees) of $95,000 (47.5%), Fees (for legal work to set up the Co-Operative and organizational documents) of $37,500 (18.75%), marketing and selling shares of this co-op house to the public of $28,100 (14.05%), a deposit on the land of $10,000 (5%), and financing fees for the construction loan of $14,400 (7.2%).  Additionally Wefunder collects a 7.5% fee of $15,000.

    The additional $800,000 will be sufficient 'equity' to obtain a construction loan and build out the project.  The money will go toward more Fees of $25,000 (3.125%), some Marketing $820 (.1%), the land $596,000 (74.5%), building permits $55,000 (6.875%), and construction loan costs of $63,180 (7.9%).  Wefunder collects a 7.5% fee of $60,000.

    These are our best estimates, and of course we cannot guarantee any specific cost.