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Invest in CommonTime LLC

Connecting a world of teaching artists to a community of learners



reserved of a $50,000 goal
 $20M  $18M valuation cap Future Equity
Early Bird Bonus: The first $100K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $18M valuation cap and 10% discount
$500, $1K, $10K, $15K, $25K, $50K
As a Gallery Director working with talented artists in New York City throughout my career, I help them share their story with the curators, collectors and general public who appreciate their art. I have witnessed the power and joy of the fine arts for more than 25 years. When I was introduced to the CommonTime concept, an online platform that connects vetted teaching artists to learners, I instantly recognized it as a vital resource for promoting the arts. It is a classroom, community, marketplace and venue all in one. They deliver sound pedagogy, appreciation and process of the arts to provide access to arts and arts education in both served and underserved communities. With one partner alone they have the potential to reach 7 million students and 70,000 schools that have no arts programs. In 2 years, through organic reach alone, they have already conducted lessons and courses in 128 countries such as India, Kenya, and Pakistan. Its Founder, Christine Matovich embodies the spirit and talent that is CommonTime. As an artist, educator and arts administrator herself, she has a network of high-level arts performers and administrators internationally; skill at leading and inspiring her hard-working team; a track record of growing arts programs in international schools, and a career-long commitment to cross-cultural exchange. Without music, dance, art, and all forms of creative expression, our human experience as individuals and as communities, as well as the continuation of the humanities into the future, would be sadly diminished. CommonTime fosters the artists and art lovers of the future in every corner of the world. I am excited for the opportunity to invest in its limitless potential. The proven concept, the quality of the leadership team, and their current artists, made investment in this successful platform a great fit for my portfolio and my passion – the arts.


1000% growth in user base since March of 2021
Obtained 25 partner organizations giving us access to over 7 million learners
1000+ lessons in 128 countries with less than 1% churn
500% revenue growth
Vertically integrated marketplace for the arts and arts education
A founding team with over 60 years combined experience in the arts and arts education.

Our Team

There is no Single Point of Access to the Arts and Arts Education

  • Schools and Universities struggle to provide high quality arts education - Arts education, overall, receives little to no funding globally
  • Artists need to earn for themselves in a centralized marketplace, independent of where they live
  • The current EdTech market doesn't give the customer a way to have an arts learning experience that is tailored to their needs

Our vetted teaching artists offer arts lessons, courses, events and more across all arts mediums: Music, Theatre, Dance and Visual Arts

It isn't just the individual artist and learner that benefits on CommonTime. Arts organizations have the opportunity to share their outreach programs and build their audiences through our platform. This is especially beneficial to smaller organizations that are vital to communities, arts education and to foster new emerging talent!

Arts education needs to be designed and delivered to the different learning needs and styles of every learner.

Most video and chat platforms are made for meetings, not for the arts. Clarity, simultaneous audio, recordings and lesson delivery requires the best quality.

The cycle of supporting arts education is possible for schools and clients when they take advantage of CommonTime's toolkit to deliver performances, shared events and more.

Already with an established presence in India, and signed contracts with educational institutions, CommonTime is well poised for growth and success in the Indian market. And with investment this growth will be even faster and greater.

Banjos in Botswana? Crafts in Costa Rica? Bollywood dance in Brazil? Improv in Indonesia? Of Course -with CommonTime!

With our enterprise partnerships we deliver lessons, courses, and teacher training. Building our repertoire of content will allow us to reach even more schools within our partnership network, which means reaching millions of learners who don't have access to arts education

Our team has built the platform from the platform itself, meeting across three continents with a common time. With over 60 years shared experiences in the arts, arts education, arts curriculum, finance, marketing and product development.

This is only the beginning of our story. Meet us in person. Have a session on CommonTime. Have a great arts learning experience. Let's take our proof of concept to make an indelible impact - together.