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Public Launch on Jun 26 @ 9:00 AM ET
Future Equity
$5M valuation cap
$250, $500, $1K, $2.5K, $10K, $25K


Created the Traveler kit, a bio-based backyard office or cabin for homeowners and developers.
Accepted into the Ben Franklin Technology Partners portfolio.
Woman-owned company headed by internationally recognized green building experts.
Received a Value Added Producer Grant from the USDA for bio-based materials.

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A platform to connect homeowners, builders and architects to build healthy, carbon-smart high-end homes for less!

Note: future projections are not guaranteed

Future projections are not guaranteed

Projected revenue annually is $680K in the first year after our Wefunder raise. Roughly 50% of our projected revenue is expected to come from our Traveler kits. The Traveler kits are expected to sell for $60K - $90K per unit, cost $40K-$65K to produce, and we expect a total of 5 kits to be sold in year one.  The remaining 50% of revenue will come from our custom design services, architectural subscription service (to be built) and our growing catalog of downloadable drawings. Our assumptions in the first year reflect a ~400% growth in existing revenue streams and establishment of others. *

Throughout the past two years we’ve nailed down the supply chain, piloted the Traveler Kits, and created the Traveler ADU, a larger kit we designed due to demand from customers. We believe this, in addition to the funds we raise on Wefunder, will provide a strong foundation to execute on the growth we’re planning for 2024. We also plan to hire a full-time sales person to further support our growth. *

*These future projections are not guaranteed and are subject to change

Future projections are not guaranteed

Our goal is to raise $150k on Wefunder, but we are raising up to $1.2M.

Future projections are not guaranteed

A potential exit plan for investors would be during a Series A fundraising round when our existing convertible notes and these Wefunder SAFEs can be converted to equity. After they have converted, they could be subsequently sold as outlined above.

None of these projections are guaranteed.