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Poised to exploit its database of over $4 billion in public art projects to accelerate growth
Led by a seasoned entrepreneur who raised $52 million in VC investments for previous businesses
CODAsummit - industry's largest gathering - drove 5X growth in event revenue 2018-2022.
Launched CODAMADE joint venture to bring NFTs to the public art industry

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What is Public Art?

Public art is creative placemaking — artwork projects that enliven and transform spaces — and connect communities, people, places, and economic opportunities.

Public art is a collaborative process. We work together and take responsibility for the spaces where we live and work.

CODAworx is at the heart of this industry with our events, proprietary software products, publications, and services.

Every creative professional is important, because creating large, complex artwork projects require multiple players.  We know and value them all.

From the commissioner to the installer, it takes many collaborators to complete a large-scale artwork project

The CODAworx RFP software and services connects organizations and companies seeking experienced artists for public art projects. Our staff has unmatched industry knowledge of the commissioned art process, and we sponsor and distribute the most comprehensive list of commission opportunities.

The public art industry is large, dynamic, and growing exponentially every year.  This growth is being fueled by the experience economy - as we all seek out public engagement that is safe, joyful, and provides memorable experiences.

All of the players come together on the CODAworx platform — fostering connections that lead to transactions

New players are investing in public art. Economic development agencies are seeking to drive tourism. Real estate developers are using public art to differentiate their commercial and residential projects.  Businesses are using public art to enhance their brands and elevate employee retention.  

All of this is driving growth of the public art industry and the growth of CODAworx

A huge data asset in which members post projects online, each with 12 data points 

With data collected from 9,000+ projects in 93 countries, CODAworx has amassed a dataset about the public art industry that has greater depth and breadth than any other source to our knowledge. 

  • Commissioners need data to justify more commission $$$
  • Artists need data to understand where the $$$ are flowing
  • Fabricators and service providers need data to understand customers and industry trends
  • Major technology companies need data they have come to expect from growth industries
  • THE WORLD needs to understand the size, strength and growth potential of the public art industry

Data can influence decisions to commission public art - our information products will be a valuable resource to multiple segments and make the case that public art is a powerful economic driver.

Create products to serve a wide range of industry players

The annual CODAsummit conference has proven itself as the premier conference focused on revolutionary individuals and exciting developments in art and technology. 

We are truly passionate about this creative community, therefore community ownership is central to our thinking.  Join our mission to grow the public art industry, and learn more about what public art can do for your communities and your businesses!