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Invest in Coco Pago (YC S19)

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Investor Panel

Investor Panel

Fares interviewed Coco Pago (YC S19) on August 26, 2021. Play Video
Fares Ksebati
CEO of MySwimPro
says, "Very strong use-case and founders who understand the market they're going after. The use of crypto in markets that have exhibited high inflation has been growing at an exponential rate and this business is positioned best to scale."
says, "Focus on developing brand and trust within the initial market. It will be key to scale into other markets in the future to have a foundation of brand that the world can recognize and onboard to easily. Best of luck!"

What Investors Say

Invested $1,000 this round
When evaluating startups I like to consider three main factors. The team’s ability to execute, market potential and sales. COCO PAGO has proven sales netting over 1 million in last year alone during a worldwide pandemic. This team's ability to execute is unmatched. They have explosive growth year over year (1,114%) and have a massive user base! The team also has previous startup experience in the fintech space. Latin America is on pace for all-time records in venture capital dollars raised and venture capital rounds in 2021. According to CB Insights data, startups in the region have already raised $9.3 billion in 2021’s first six months from 414 deals (TechCrunch July 29, 2021). Sales heals all is a famous saying from investors across the world and this COCO PAGO has it! This proves that this company has product market fit and continues to prove that month over month. Join me and invest in one of the fastest growing markets we have seen in years.

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Coco Mercado announces alliance with to send remittances to Venezuela
April 15, 2021
Coco and establish an alliance to allow remittances to be sent to Venezuela. This was reported to Cointelegraph in Spanish, through a statement. "Thanks to this alliance, Coco's clients will be able to send remittances directly to their families in Venezuela so that they can directly spend the Celo Dollar token in stores affiliated with Coco," they explained.
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Three young people with a common mission: to help Venezuelans who are still in the country effectively. Under that premise they created Coco, an application whose use does not stop growing and has become a basic for emigrants.
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More than four million Venezuelans, the equivalent of the entire population of countries like Panama and Uruguay, according to UNHCR, have left their country in recent years as a result of the deep social and economic crisis.
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