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Help consumers take planet-saving climate action & reach a $150 Billion market

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You are alarmed about climate change and want to do something that can make a difference.
You want to give ordinary people the means to fight climate change.
You want to invest in a team that has created profitable businesses with software that people love.
Organizations like the Climate Reality Project plan to use our app for recruiting and engagement.

Our Team

Over 60% of Americans are alarmed or concerned about climate change but don’t know what to do about it. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are thousands of actions people can take in seconds or minutes on their phones that can make a huge difference. We believe people will take climate action if we make it easy and rewarding to do so.

An app that can help you save our planet – and reach a $150 Billion market.

The climate crisis is real and accelerating. But you can help. And make money in the process.

Our planet is in trouble.

Governments around the world have failed to do enough because politics get in the way. People are alarmed and concerned, but aren't sure what to do, and don’t have an easy way to take action.

Our mission is to make our phones powerful tools in the fight against global warming, putting thousands of planet-friendly actions at the fingertips of millions, including actions that help consumers switch to planet-saving products.

Our vision is that the age of fossil fuels is coming to an end, and the transition to a clean and sustainable economy represents the greatest economic opportunity of the 21st century. We help consumers save money when they switch to planet-saving products, earn commissions for ourselves, and give our investors a highly ethical and rewarding return on their investment.

The app helping you take small actions … that have a HUGE impact.

  • In just seconds users can take climate action with the app.
  • As app users take actions and earn points, we will plant trees on their behalf.
  • Users learn about and switch to green products and services.  As they do, the impact will be enormous.  The U.S. market for such products is projected to be $150 billion in 2021.

100 Million Americans. Alarmed and Concerned.

31% of Americans are ALARMED about global warming and 26% are CONCERNED -growing more alarmed every year. Millions of Americans want the problem to be taken seriously, but they feel helpless. They don’t know what to do and/or they think nothing they can do will make a difference.

An Enormous Market.

According to Nielsen, by 2021, 25% of consumer retail dollars will be spent on “sustainable” products and services.

When it comes to global warming, consumer purchasing behavior is a powerful driver for good or ill. One of the biggest impacts people can have on climate change is to switch their purchases from planet-destroying to planet-sustaining products and services.

We will sell carbon offsets and broker “group buys” -- a form of e-commerce with which we have deep experience -- for planet-friendly products and services in exchange for a commission on sales.

Group Buys – A Case Study – $160 Billion Success Story.

Pinduoduo (PDD on the NASDAQ exchange) is phenomenally successful Chinese e-commerce company with over 700 million users and a $160 billion market cap. Its signature innovation is team (or what we call “Group Buy”) purchasing. Group Buys foster a viral social media dynamic -- consumers are incentivized to tell friends and family about deals in order to get a better price for themselves.

Climate Action Now will offer Group Buys exclusively for planet-friendly products. We believe we will be the first and only company in the world with an app that helps users fight climate change in part by helping them participate in group buys and save money for products that are good for the planet. Our founder is an expert in this method of e-commerce.

The following is an example of a Group Buy for a product that is emissions-free, healthier, cleaner, and quieter than its gas-powered alternative, which typically emits more carbon dioxide than many automobiles. Thousands of products fit a similar green profile.

In summary, a Group Buy is a way to buy some of the best green products on the planet for the lowest prices on the planet. Here’s how it works:

1. We use our community’s purchasing power to negotiate volume discounts for a green product.

2. We publish a time-limited offer for that product on our website.

3. During the offer, the more people who pledge to buy, the lower the price everyone pays.

4. At the end of the Group Buy, everybody makes their purchase for the promised volume discount.

Our goal is to lead the world in Group Buys for planet-friendly products. The Climate Action Now app will give us the platform, credibility and social license to ignite sales inside and outside our app user base.

Seasoned Team. Anchored in Silicon Valley.

Founder Brett Walter is a serial entrepreneur, selling his last company in 2017 after bootstrapping it into a company with 200,000+ subscribers and millions in annual revenue. And while much of his team is in the Valley, he has cherry-picked talent from around the country.

Next Steps. We Are Well on Our Way.

We completed a beta test with The Climate Reality Project’s staff in February. This gave us invaluable feedback to fine-tune the app. Soon, we will test the app with several thousand of The Climate Reality Project’s 30,000+ leaders in May before rolling it out to their entire audience and the general public by summer.

    Join Us. We Can Do This. Together.

    Our mission is clear. We are introducing an app that the whole world can use to take effective climate action.

    This work is important. We can help save the planet. For our kids and grandkids.

    We need your help. We need you to invest. We need you to use the app. We need you to share it with your friends.

    Together, we can do this.

    Perks. Let’s Plant Some Trees. And More.

    Our carbon offset partner is

    We will work with our friends at to secure acres of the Guatemalan cloud forest.

    Check out our awesome IG Live interview with Wefunder's Joy Li here: