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Asset-Backed Promissory Note, High ROI, Whiskey Conversion Option at Maturity

Last Funded April 2021


raised from 2,376 investors
Annual sales increased in 2017 by 63%
Last updated December 2018
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Asset-backed, fixed return note @ 5% interest, whiskey conversion option yields 170% overall return.
80 medals globally incl. 36 Gold, Double Gold, Platinum, Innovator of the Year, and Best of Show.
Significant capacity expansion and system upgrades underway in new riverfront, historic location.
Distributed in 16 States, growing e-commerce availability. Poised for international expansion.

Our Team

Cleveland Whiskey

They Call Us Heretics

Whiskey traditionalists (some, not all) think that what we do is heresy. In a way, they’re right. We approach this very differently. A technology and innovation company disguised as a “whiskey” company. We don’t care how old a whiskey is and certainly don’t have a story about our great, great grandfather’s bourbon recipe (believable or not). We’re changing a long-stagnant space, making it better, faster and smarter. 

In over 3,600 blind taste tests against award-winning premium brands, we do incredibly well. Our customers praise the work we do and in competitions around the world. We've earned enough medals to legitimately brag about what we make. More than 80 medals including 36 Gold and Double Gold, Platinum and Best in Class awards.

The Whiskey Bond 

The Whiskey Bonds (each, a “Bond”) are six-year promissory notes, paying a fixed rate of 5% interest per annum. All interest is accrued and payable upon maturity. At maturity, Bondholders can elect a cash payment of principal and accrued interest or can elect to convert all or part of the debt into bottled, barrel-strength, premium Bourbon or Rye whiskey. Each bottle will be signed by the Master Distiller, numbered, and marked with the Bondholder’s name, barrel, and bottle number. Market risk is mitigated by an inventory of insured barrels of maturing whiskey, which historically increase in value as they age. These barrels contain a premium commodity that, currently, is easily traded and has a growing worldwide demand. Each of the Bourbon and Rye Whiskies will be produced by an experienced team of Distillers and Sensory Advisors at Cleveland Whiskey. Distillation will occur at the new and expanded Distillery under construction in the Flats South section of Cleveland, Ohio. The purpose of the Bond offering is to fund the historical rehabilitation and build-out of the new facility and is part of a larger package of funding, including historical tax credits, government grants, conventional debt, and operational cash flow. The Bonds are open to private and corporate investors and offer a competitive fixed return of 34% after six years. A considerably more significant return of up to 170% is available if the Bond is converted to bottled, single barrel whiskey. Get additional information.

Our Process

We’ve been told that good whiskey takes time, that we shouldn’t change the status quo, that technology can’t possibly improve on a process that has stayed the same for generation after generation. We disagree.

With traditional processes, whiskey is continually absorbed into and subsequently released from the pores of an oak barrel. This subtracts undesirable flavors and adds more of the desirable ones. It’s a passive process that can take years. Daily temperature and humidity changes impact internal barrel pressure and keep the fluids moving through the pores. You’ll notice that Scotch is typically aged for a longer time than American whiskies. Temperatures, on average, are milder in Scotland and daily differentials are smaller, which account for a less active and therefore slower process. At Cleveland Whiskey, we dramatically accelerate the cycles of temperature and pressure change associated with the aging of whiskey. Increasing surface area as well as the frequency and range of pressure differentials, all within a controlled and oxygenated environment radically changes the status quo, shifts dependence from passive barrel aging to an active, flavor-focused process that facilitates the development of unique, interesting, and award-winning whiskies.

1 Intellectual Property associated with Cleveland Whiskey production technology is protected through a series of thoroughly documented and carefully guarded trade secrets. The company holds United States Patent 8,889,206 and United States Patent 10,369,719.

What if we could deliver truly custom whiskeys with their own unique aroma and flavor? What if we could do it for a single bar, a restaurant, or a retail liquor store? What if we could do this for a small group of friends, a family reunion, or a rotary club? And what if we could keep the unit costs at a level consistent with mass production?

That’s what we do with our “Uncommon Barrel Program”. With our unique technology-enabled finishing process, a full range of woods to provide transformative flavors, and blending process that brings our customers into the process, we can deliver short runs of whiskeys customized to the specific tastes and needs of the customer. We can also do it at prices consistent with premium mass-produced and mass-marketed mainstream spirit.

Infinite Possibilities. Whiskey Without Limits.