Clash TV

Interactive live streaming app that drives digital engagement—talk to the tv!

Last Funded February 2022


raised from 215 investors
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Unprecedented user experience merging live-streaming, next gen social networking and gamification
Co-Founders launched Stadium — the #1 live-streaming platform for U.S. college sports
Simulcasting to Fubo, Pluto & Sling Connected TV platforms—getting in front of 120 million+ viewers
60x growth in total streams since commercial launch in April 2020

Our Team

Invest in the Future of Connected TV

Your on-screen entertainment is overdue for an upgrade. So say hello to ClashTV! We bring the action to you. Chat on screen, clap or vote when you like what you see, and score exclusive merch with in-game discounts and giveaways—all in-stream. Whether it’s Street Basketball, Mixed Martial Arts, Fantasy Sports, or Esports, you have a view and now you get to make it heard.

ClashTV is more than just an innovative idea. We’ve partnered with some of the world’s largest sports networks to make our platform a household name, and we’re on the way to securing 250MM in reach (not guaranteed).

ClashTV answers a real demand for improved interconnectivity and engagement. For advertisers, we’re helping to turn around declining engagement rates. And for consumers, we’re creating an interactive live experience that’s, well, a lot of fun!

According to Amazon (8/7/20), “mobile-first” video services (apps that were only available on smartphones, then expanded to TVs) have seen a 70% increase in watch hours from January to June.

Our business model includes multiple streams of revenue, enabling us to scale quickly and efficiently. Here’s how we make money:

Our advisory board has extensive access to sports and media, enabling us to establish key partnerships

Here’s a look at our traction over the last 12 months:

We believe ClashTV offers a one-of-kind user experience that keeps audiences interacting with the content. WPP’s Addressable TV Agency Finecast estimates that advertising pricing in connection with engaged and targeted audiences like ours is 200-300% higher than the pricing of undifferentiated programmatic advertising (9/23/20). Other platforms need our solution to help them keep customers engaged, which is creating strategic partnership opportunities and inbound M&A interest.

We’ve created a clear roadmap for the future, and we’re confident that we have the team and tools in place to achieve our goals. By investing now, you get a stake in ClashTV ahead of these upcoming milestones.

*The following slide shows forward looking projections that are not guaranteed.