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We've raised $2.3M+ to date and have generated $150k+ in revenue
E-bike buyers of tomorrow will want what cars do for them today - comfort, passenger capacity, cargo
Civilized Cycles has patented key technologies to sustainably differentiate and win this space
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Our Team

Invest in the future of transportation

Two wheels, two people, full suspension safety and comfort + cargo. Historically, the world’s most successful mobility platform - the light motorcycle or scooter - achieved that status by delivering this value proposition. Now, Civilized Cycles delivers the same value proposition in an ebike form factor that easier to own and operate, safer, and more convenient than any light scooter or motorcycle.

We believe the e-bike industry is missing a fundamental piece of the puzzle. 'Mainstream' buyers want what cars do for them today - comfort, passenger and cargo capacity. Civilized Cycles has patented key technologies in these areas to sustainably differentiate and win in the rapidly growing e-bike market.

Behind our unique approach and technology integration is our core mission of sustainability: to get more people out of cars and onto bikes by offering consumers a solution that is simply an upgrade for their daily lives.

Our first product, the Model 1, is now available for purchase online and in select retailers across the US.

The E-bike Market

By 2030, the e-bike market is predicted to almost double in size globally to a $70 billion global industry while the US is predicted to grow even faster and more than triple in size in the same time period.

What Is Missing?

Most e-bike brands are still focused on leisure and sports riders - not the much faster growing market of mobility users. This is why the industry is still in the 'put a motor on a bicycle' phase of design.

'Non-Cyclist' mature market consumers are more like car buyers - they are used to comfort, cleanliness, and having a secure place to put stuff. As the market matures, these attributes will become ever more in demand.

The Solution

At Civilized, we started with a vision of the user experience that prioritized ride quality and personal comfort, and created something new - a effortless ride experience elevated beyond what most people think is possible in a bicycle.


While there are many e-bike companies in the market, there is no other brands delivering our unique combination of features and benefits in an ebike platform. Our multiple design and utility patents will keep it this way.

While a handful of other ebikes might claim adult passenger capability, the reality is that without suspension, its miserable. And even bicycles with suspensions have to be set up - matched to the weight of the rider - for the suspension to be effective. Normally this is a 10-15 minute process - Only our patented AirTech suspension can do this at the touch of a button in seconds.

A properly set-up suspension means higher speeds with safety and comfort, which makes it more useful.

Why Civilized Cycles Wins

Only Civilized Cycles has patented key technologies to sustainably differentiate and win this space.

Our Team

Civilized Cycles has a seasoned professional management team with rich experience in mobility retail (Vespa), e-bike design and manufacturing (Schwinn, Pedego) and consumer marketing (UFC, Stoli, Turtle Bay Resort).

Our advisor board includes highly experienced mobility, sustainable tech and logistics professionals from such organizations as Citibike, PricewaterhouseCoopers, UPS, Ducati, Avis/Budget Group and Zipcar.

Growth Roadmap

Civilized Cycles has a clear path towards rapid growth:

  • In discussions with multiple regional distributor partners to expand globally into more mature ebike markets, including EU, UK and MENA
  • Establish US based manufacturing to achieve lower product costs, decrease lead times, and maximise US technology and emergent supply chain efficiencies.
  • Leverage our IP and technology stack to create cost savings and boost efficiency for commercial last mile delivery ebikes and other light electric vehicles. We are actively pursuing pilot projects with major delivery and logistics companies.
  • We will Expand fleet sales and service solutions for luxury hotel, corporate and e-bike rental companies.

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Traction & Projected Growth

We received our first shipment of finished e-bikes in November 2022, and we have sold more than $150,000 of product so far with no ad spend! Dealers are the toughest customers, and we're proud that the Model 1 is also already being stocked and sold in more than 10 retail locations across the US, a list continues to grow steadily as we show the bike.

By 2026, we have goals to grow to $50M in sales across the US and internationally, in consumer e-bikes, dedicated e-cargo bikes for commercial delivery, corporate fleet bikes.

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Love For The Model 1


"Before I brought the Model 1 home, I took a test ride around the Brooklyn Navy Yard with Civilized's founder, Zachary Schieffelin, on the back seat. I aimed for every train track crossing and pothole—you know, for testing's sake. The Model 1 soaked them all up, even with 330 pounds of mankind riding on top of it. With its wide tires and powerful electric motor, the Model 1 reminded me more of carrying a passenger on my motorcycle than carrying one on any bicycle I've ridden." - WIRED

We look forward to connecting with a new community of investors looking to take part in the future of transportation!

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