Pioneering building management software to cut C02 emissions & save billions

Last Funded February 2022


raised from 975 investors
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From Google Earth team, AI tech that helps cities cut costs by 35%, carbon emissions by up to 100%
Founder achieved 17x returns for early investors during his last venture with Sequoia Capital
Digital Twin market forecast to grow from $3.1bn to $48.2bn by 2026, saving $280bn for city planners
Savings of $3-5 per sq ft on all buildings for just $0.10 per sq ft invested on 100 billion sq ft

Our Team

I’ve spent my 25-year career creating tech that makes buildings and infrastructure more efficient, sustainable, and profitable. As a young architect, I worked on major city-scale projects, and saw first-hand how huge data and analysis problems crippled the building industry. I had a vision and made a pledge to realize it.

Why Cityzenith?

Introducing SmartWorldOS by Cityzenith: the pioneering Digital Twin software platform designed to take our urban environments into the future. SmartWorldOS facilitates billions of dollars in savings for building owners, infrastructure planners, and architects, while reducing carbon emissions by 50-100% per building.

The world must build 10,000 new smart cities by 2050 to meet projected population growth. But the built environment is inefficient; new construction runs over budget. Architects, engineers, and contractors rely on a messy web of 20-50 different planning tools at any given time. Also, cities are big polluters, currently producing 70% of all CO2 emissions.

As a major source of carbon pollution, the majority of commercial buildings need retrofitting to meet net-zero emissions standards. But with thousands of single-purpose energy management tools flooding the market, and no interoperability between them, building owners find themselves without the information they need to commit to investing in green retrofits.

SmartWorldOS is a best-in-class software platform in a category called urban Digital Twins. Urban Digital Twins are virtual representations of the physical built environment, including transport networks, buildings, & infrastructure, connected to the data in and around them. Urban Digital Twins use real-time and historical data to represent the past and present, simulating predicted futures within the built environment.

Cityzenith’s urban Digital Twin platform, SmartWorldOS, provides real-time visibility across a property’s entire lifecycle. It optimizes building site selection, design, construction, operations, maintenance, sales, P&L, tracking and controlling carbon emissions...all in one fully integrated platform.

After construction is complete, SmartWorldOS continually monitors and analyzes building data to identify inefficiencies and potential savings. This data is used to recommend ongoing solutions for additional energy, time, and cost savings. For existing buildings, SmartWorldOS is the all-in-one platform for building asset owners, green retrofitting, development and planning.

We’ve traveled far and fast as a company since the launch of SmartWorld in 2016. Our SmartWorldOS clients have included pre-eminent private and public groups from many countries. We’ve raised over $11 million from 5000+ investors, and our share price has risen 161% in the last 12 months.

The time to cut carbon emissions is now, and the world knows it. The Digital Twin technology sector is forecast to grow over 15x from $3.1 billion in 2020 to $48.2 billion a year by 2026 as government and industry leaders invest in Digital Twin technology at unprecedented rates to meet international emission reduction agreements, and make massive savings as we Build Back Better.

Our pioneering software platform and groundbreaking international campaign "Clean Cities - Clean Future" has been recognized through significant international industry awards and high-level media coverage from some of the most trusted sources in business, technology, and finance.

The core tech of SmartWorldOS was developed by the same experts who brought the world Google Earth. Now, the deployment of this powerful platform is led by an all-star team: veteran architect & entrepreneur, data guru & developer, engineer & architect, and business development & sales expert.

Join over 5000 investors from 20+ countries in our mission to build the future the world is waiting for. Our Clean Cities, Clean Future Pilot Program is well underway in NYC, Las Vegas, and Pittsburgh, and we’re on track to officially launch by 2022, starting with transitioning 50 buildings in 10 cities to zero-carbon.

- Validation from government and civic authorities
- Sell to building owners at $.10/sq.ft/year

- 100,000,000,000 square feet of office space in the US alone
- Market growing 15.5x by 2026 to $48.2 billion
- Targeting 7-10x return for investors within 3-5 year

Digital Twins are forecast to save $280 billion for city planners and developers, according to the latest ABI Research, with Ernst & Young predicting 35% savings in operating and maintenance costs, 20% improvements in productivity and 50-100% reductions in carbon emissions for building owners who use Digital Twin technology.

SmartWorldOS is ready to usher in a cleaner, safer, more prosperous future for all. Join us today.

*The above statements contain forward-looking projections that cannot be guaranteed.