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Invest in the Second Round of CityFreighter Inc.

Ultra Low Floor Commercial EV Platform for Last-Mile Targets Booming Billion-Dollar Niche Market



raised from 104 investors
 $28M  $23M valuation cap Future Equity
Early Bird Bonus: The first $250K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $23M valuation cap and 20% discount
Remo Weber NA
We are in the EV Commercial Industry since 2013 and are looking for great products ever since.When I got to know about Cityfreighter, at the end of 2018, I made an initial investment to support their project to build a prototype for the ACT show in April 2019. Honestly, I never believed they will make it on time but I was convinced that their concept would be a successful business model in the future. But then, the Easter weekend before the ACT show, a 747 cargo plane with the prototype on board landed at LAX and we virtually drove the CF1 to my facility that evening, just two and a half hours after landing!
I could not believe it! And the CF1 was the most beautiful truck of its class, I have ever seen. 
Everything had been realized, almost to perfection. In specific I love the clean cockpit, 
the low-floor chassis and the intelligent locking system.  I have no doubt that this innovative company, given the right support and funding, can change the industry for good and we will be there with the to a glory EV future.


Proven history of execution, proof of concept in 2019, fully functional Beta version in 2021
Substantial multi-billion dollar Market with exponential growth. Demand expected to outpace supply
The market needs electrified CabChassis. Modular, customizable, designed for ease of manufacturing
Reducing CAPEX and speeding up time-to-market by using existing and proven parts
Addressing the largest key markets for urban-logistics, the US and Europe
Building strong collaborations and alliances with global partners is one of our key strategies
Setting up CDK-micro-assembly factories in global key markets
SOP - Start of production Q4 2024

Our Founder

By talking to fleet operators we recognized that there is a need for individual and flexible solutions. We are very excited about our unique, customer-focused concept. It will shake up the last-mile vehicle segment with a keen design, radical new features, and a faster time-to-market, all of which will set us apart from what is available.

Here we go. Join us for our second round, raising to build the Gamma versions

Forward looking projections are not guaranteed

Forward looking projections are not guaranteed