Invest in the Second Round of CityFreighter Inc.

The ultra low floor commercial EV platform targets RV and multiple billion-dollar niche markets



raised from 144 investors
Future Equity
 $26M  $23M valuation cap
Early Bird Bonus: The first $250K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $23M valuation cap and 20% discount


Currently closing in on a game changing RV platform project. Versatile, modular and software defined
Substantial multi-billion dollar Market with exponential growth. Demand expected to outpace supply
The market needs electrified CabChassis. Modular, customizable, designed for ease of manufacturing
Reducing CAPEX and speeding up time-to-market by using existing and proven parts, SOP end of 2026

Our Founder

By talking to fleet operators we recognized that there is a need for individual and flexible solutions. We are very excited about our unique, customer-focused concept. It will shake up the last-mile vehicle segment with a keen design, radical new features, and a faster time-to-market, all of which will set us apart from what is available.

Powering Progress: Ride the Future Wave with Our Electric Revolution for Commercial Vehicles – Round Two, Unleashing Limitless Potential in a Multi-Billion-Dollar Landscape!

Here you go. We are close to sign a deal with a prominent European RV manufacturer and will then take a different route of funding. The campaign is still open to invest, so this might be an opportunity. We believe that the direction we take, combining different niche markets, starting with RVs, will open multiple opportunities. We worked heavily the last months on this project development, together with the RV manufacturer, and we have come from an electrified chassis to a versatile, modular, software platform which, we believe, is going to disrupt the market.

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