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Mass produce eco-friendly plastic using agricultural waste

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Invest to build a factory to produce plastic pellets using wasted stalk from flax / hemp food crop
Patent-pending technology to reduce cost and improve quality compared to existing global competitors
Plastic manufacturers choose ABMT's pellets to reduce cost and improve performance of products
Use proven, high-throughput automated equipment that is already being used across Europe and Asia

Our Team

Alternative, bio-composite plastics are good for the environment, and there is a huge financial opportunity for companies providing high quality bio-composite materials.

Our vision: to become a global supplier of eco-friendly, plant-based plastics

The Advanced Bio-Material Technologies Corporation (AdvancedBMT) is a private manufacturing company using wasted bio-mass from flax and hemp food crops to produce bio-composite plastic pellets. At the helm is founder and CEO Robert Ziner. Along with a highly experienced team, Mr. Ziner is set on becoming the leading global supplier of plant-based manufacturing materials.

Sustainability is the core of our corporate DNA

Flax and hemp are among the most sustainable plant materials in the world, making AdvancedBMT’s proposal to use it as the basis for everyday materials even more attractive. 

It’s an eco-friendly substitute: it's non-toxic, plant based, and biodegredable. Also, growing crops removes carbon dioxide from the air. And every part of the plant can be used: stalks for manufacturing materials, flowers for medicines, and the seeds are a delicious source of protein and omega-3s.

Farmers benefit from its short growth timeline, positive effect on soil fertility, ability to grow without pesticides or herbicides and the opportunity to make more money.

Bio-composite plastics represent an amazing growth opportunity

Within 10 years, AdvancedBMT's sales are projected to exceed $1B annually, in North America alone. And the global market is expected to grow to over $20B (projections cannot be guaranteed).

Bio-composite plastic pellets can replace over a million tonnes of traditional plastic annually.

Flax and hemp bio-composite plastics are already produced and used commercially in Europe, where hemp and flax fiber are also used in the textile, construction and pulp and paper industry. In North America over 1,000,000 tonnes of flax and hemp stalk is produced every year from food crops and it is almost all wasted, usually burned.

AdvancedBMT's bio-composite plastic pellets are stronger and lighter than traditional plastics, and lower-cost.

The Project requires $US 32M to begin commercial production with the development of the company’s first facility—AdvancedBMT will finance this work with an equipment financing and mortgage loan, as well as an equity capital raise.

Future facilities are expected to be financed from the company's profits.

We employ AI-driven technology to inspect, optimize and produce higher quality product 

AdvancedBMT's patent-pending and trade secret technologies enable high-performance, eco-friendly plastics for everything from car components to consumer products and home furniture.

The company’s strategy is to develop facilities that incorporate primary processing and secondary production, processing the stalks and using the processed materials to create bio-composite pellets to sell to plastic product manufacturers.

AdvancedBMT's technology adds scanning and artificial intelligence to existing equipment to significantly increase the quantity, quality, and consistency of outputs. Advanced BMT's strategic partner, Cretes, is the world's leading supplier of high-throughput, automated flax / hemp stalk processing equipment.

To build out this supply chain, AdvancedBMT anticipates building a minimum of five Smart Stalk facilities by 2026. Each plant will generate $50 million in revenue, 69 full-time jobs and 35,000 hours of trucking. The company’s first facility is expected to be in Alberta, Canada, where it will process 50,000 tonnes of stalk in a 60,000 square foot processing facility (projections cannot be guaranteed).

Led by a seasoned team with a proven track record

CEO Robert Ziner has curated a core team of executives with extensive combined experience in fiber processing, automation technologies, AI, plastics, automotive manufacturing and global exports.

Previously, Mr. Ziner patented lumber manufacturing technology leveraging AI and computer integrated manufacturing.

After patenting the technology, he grew his lumber and building product business to over $200M in annual sales.

In founding AdvancedBMT, Mr. Ziner's goal is to help develop more sustainable, healthier, higher performance products, bringing a process already being done successfully in Europe, across the pond to North America.

The company continues to add to its management team. Most recently, Richard Levesque, an entepreneur and the innovator of AdvancedBMT’s hemp plastic compounds has joined the team. Mr. Levesque is a chemist by training and an expert in plastic materials and product development. He started his career as a technical specialist at Dupont.

AdvancedBMT also welcomes Erwin Doll, a longtime investor, expert advisor and highly successful executive with a golden rolodex.  Mr. Doll's background includes enterprise software and automation, as well as automotive, plastics, medical and industrial manufacturing.