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"The most convenient guitar in the world" — Forbes

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Received coveted “Editor’s Pick” from Guitar Player Magazine
Patented technology that solves a real problem (guitar mobility/travel) in a $2.79B market
Lauded by Forbes as “The most convenient guitar in the world”
Deep industry relationships targeting top product retailers, incl. Sweetwater & Musikhaus Thomann
Unique in-airport marketing channel - only guitar company approved for free airport guitar lounge.
One of 13 companies (out of 300+) chosen for Project Music, a leading accelerator in Nashville
CEO is IP Exec & Patent Attorney. Chief IP Counsel for “Start-up to $1BB” Medical Device

Our Team

CEO and Founder
Medical device executive and 20+ year patent attorney turned entrepreneur, Jonathan Spangler invented the Ascender folding travel guitar - recipient of coveted Editor's Pick from Guitar Player Magazine as the first ever pro-quality travel guitar.
I personally experienced the pain points of guitar air travel and knew there had to be a better solution. As a patent attorney, I told clients "if you don't like your options, make what you want." I finally took my own advice, and invented the Ascender so people who travel can have a convenient yet quality guitar always at the ready.
Senior executive with broad experience in all operations and financial aspects of both large public and small private companies. Co-founder of business sold to Rackspace in 2018.
VP, Marketing + Events
Tracy is an entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience in marketing + events. She is on the International Board of Directors for Meeting Professionals International and was recently recognized as Connect Meetings 40 under 40.


We’re taking a hybrid sales approach designed to help us scale rapidly, and we’re primed for success in retail via our deep industry relationships with some of the world’s top music retailers. Our strategy includes:

Our journey of music-tech disruption started in 2016, when we incorporated and began development of our guitar innovation after our first US patent was issued. Since then, we've created the first-ever premium travel guitar — one that folds in half yet boasts pro-quality and unparalleled convenience for stress-free guitar mobility and storage. At Ciari Guitars, we unleash mobile musicians.

Guitars have been around for 100 years and have always been the same size — large. We’re changing that with our patented folding technology, which enables our full-size, Nashville-crafted guitars to fold in half for hyper-convenient backpack portability and storage. All of the functionality, none of the inconvenience.

We started with accelerators—putting the Ascender to the test at the globally renowned music-tech accelerator, Project Music in Nashville, Tennessee, and the San Diego Airport Innovation Lab. Leveraging these successes, we hit our 2020 targets with 40+ guitars sold and ~150K in revenue.

A patent attorney with a passion for music? The perfect storm. At the heart of the Ascender is a feat of engineering, the patented folding mechanism. To protect this, we’ve covered the Ascender with multiple US and international patents and applications.

The word has gotten out about Ciari Guitars. We’ve been featured by Forbes, CNN, and USA Today; and we were honored to receive the coveted Editor’s Pick from Guitar Player Magazine. And all the buzz is paying off!

We’re taking a hybrid sales approach designed to help us scale rapidly, and we’re primed for success in retail via our deep industry relationships with some of the world’s top music retailers. Our strategy includes:

During the pandemic, guitar sales surged as people found comfort in learning or honing a skill and expressing themselves through music. With this surge, and the eventual return to mobility due to vaccines, Ciari Guitars is positioned to be the solution of choice for guitarists on the move in a global market of $2.79B.

The guitar sales surge has been so huge it's making headlines! 

While travel guitars are not new, none have combined the quality and convenience of the Ascender. As such, Ciari Guitars stands alone in the guitar industry with market-making innovation, ready to be THE leader in guitar mobility. Here’s how we compare: 

Innovating is how we got here, so we’re not stopping with our first iteration. Here’s a look at our upcoming pipeline: 

The Music Industry has a long history of acquisition, including majors like Fender, Yamaha, Gibson and newcomer music-tech powerhouse Bandlab. Between our strong IP and robust sales strategy, we project being well-positioned to exit within 3-5 years.

Music has never been more important and the guitar industry is hotter than it’s been in years. The number of guitarists surged during the pandemic, as did mobility in RVs, motorcycles, private jets, yachts/boats. Commercial air travel is returning, and will accelerate with the availability of Covid vaccines. People are ready to move again, and Ciari Guitars will be THE solution for guitar mobility - the right product at the right time - to capitalize on this unique opportunity.

Come join us to make the world a better place, one guitar at a time.