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Launched in 370+ stores as of Oct 2023, projected to reach 800 stores by Q4 2024.
Award-Winning Product: Received the 'On Trend for Pantry' honor from KEHE Distributors for 2024
Real Traction: 20K+ Customers Served D2C | 1K+ 5-Star Reviews: Devoted Fan Base
$1B Total Addressable Market in a Stale Category: Disrupting the Soup Bouillon Aisle

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Forward-looking statements are not guaranteed.

The Discovery Phase

Chilau's journey to becoming a celebrated retail brand began with a crucial Discovery Phase, where we meticulously developed our brand and product assortment over years by actively listening to customer feedback in the direct-to-consumer (D2C) space. This customer-centric approach led to significant accomplishments, including serving over 20,300 customers online, earning 1,100 five-star reviews, and building a strong social media presence with 30K followers. Notably, we achieved a 20% repeat customer rate, underscoring the loyalty and satisfaction of our customer base.

Before introducing Chilau as a retail brand, founder Michael attentively waited for the signal from our customer faithful. It was their enthusiastic endorsement that propelled us into the retail space in 2023. This transition from discovery to retail launch represents a pivotal moment in Chilau’s history, driven by a deep understanding of our customers' desires and the readiness to meet their needs on a larger scale.

Retail Traction Summary

Since its debut at the Winter Fancy Food Show, Chilau Foods has seen remarkable traction in the retail sector. Our journey began with the Specialty Food Assoc. awarding Chilau 'On Trend Product', which set the stage for a series of successful IN/OUT promotions with major retailers like Hy-Vee and Market District. This momentum culminated in our retail launch in October 2023, where we launched with leading grocery chains such as Winn-Dixie, United Grocers, Albertsons Market, and Market Street.

Impressively, in less than 10 months from our introduction to retail, Chilau has secured distribution with anchor accounts at the two largest distributors in the country - UNFI and KeHE. Additionally, we have captured Food Services Distribution through Performance Food Service, whose chefs have tested the product and expressed excitement about the opportunities ahead in 2024. Chilau’s rapid growth and expansion into these significant channels underscore the brand's potential and the enthusiasm for our products in both the retail and food service sectors.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.