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World Class Team - Seasoned Entrepreneurs from Harvard, MIT, and companies such as UFC, GSN, & WPP.
The exit valuations of our team's prior companies collectively total over $4.6B.
Already raised $1m in a convertible note round from accredited investors, prior to this WF raise.
Latest Trial: Rolling Loud after-party in Miami (1300 people). W/in 1 week had 5k people on app...

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It's 2024, but the live event industry is stuck in the past. Whether its a stadium concert, a nightclub, or just a restaurant, venue owners and celebs don't know who the customers are in their venue right now - or who came last night - or how to message them to come back in the future. The tools to solve this dilemma already exist in the virtual world - they just haven't been brought into the real world to change the live event industry yet - until now, with CheckN.


CheckN is a free mobile app that tells users where all the people are - in real time - whether they're in your friend group or not. And once you go there, it lets you easily see the profiles of and connect with other people in that same venue right now. Think: Waze for People meets

Knowing where everyone is, and has gone, yields hugely valuable DATA for Venues, Brands, Athletes, and Celebrities who can buy subscriptions to data dashboards that give visibility into anonymized user-profiles of those who have visited their concert or venue, or are in their venue right now (NOTE: we never give out personally-identifiable information). This lets businesses and stars reward the users who came to their venue - with free offers and discounts - like exclusive music at a concert, special Merch at a sports stadium, or free drinks at a club or restaurant.

The Patent-pending CheckN app has been extensively tested in a series of larger and larger in-the-wild trials, including Rolling Loud (the largest hip hop festival in the world), the NBA ProAm, and Beyoncé and Karol G. concerts in Miami.

CheckN is now live in both App Stores. The Company recently finished a $1m seed round via a Convertible Preferred Note and is now running a WeFunder campaign with the same discount terms in order to let The People own a part of the next revolution - and to further empower our official beta launch in Miami - schedule for Q2 2024.


The app was exhaustively focus-group tested, both in the design phase and once the alpha version was live. As a result, security was built into the app at every level. The app DOES NOT and CANNOT "Track" users. It can ONLY show a one-time display of a fixed location - if and only if the user CHOOSES to CheckN. And the USER CONTROLS how they are seen (or not) within the app. They can choose to be Visible; Visible only to friends; or completely Anonymous.


All our focus groups - of Users, Venues, Celebrities, and Brands - tell us that this is one of those rare businesses where no one needs to be "sold". All parties seem to genuinely want to participate in this technological revolution of an antiquated ecosystem.

  • For the Users, the benefits are obvious, Knowing where it's happening or where it's dead; being able to friend people in a venue via the app - without risking embarrassment by introducing yourself in person; and getting exclusive offers and deals that ONLY people who came to the venue or stadium get access to.
  • The offering is equally compelling to Venues, Celebs, and Brands - all of whom REALLY want to know who is coming to their venue and have a way to message them (via a "special deals" tab in the app - that you can review, or not, at your leisure).


  1. Ads and Sponsors - it's one thing to run an ad to someone's facebook page, when the brand has no idea where you are. Imagine what an alcohol brand would pay to send a special offer to someone they KNOW is in a bar - right now - or what a betting company might pay to send an ad to someone the know is sitting in an NFL stadium.
  2. Subscriptions - Brands, Restaurants, Clubs, Stadiums, no one knows who the patrons are in their venues right now, or who came last week. They very much want to know and have a way to send special offers, music, and merch to them. CheckN offers them subscription packages to that data - without sharing any user's Personally Identifiable Information.
  3. Transactions - Imagine being able to buy Exclusive Music, Merch, and Experiences whenever you went to a concert or major league sports event....withOUT leaving your seat - just like shopping on Amazon. This is what CheckN's Event Exclusives platform offers. ONLY those who came to the event have access to it. CheckN Takes a concession fee on all transactions - just like Uber does when you ride with them.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind, CheckN is not trying to be a social media play - where a company needs to keep users addicted to their phones for the maximum amount of time each day in order to make money. Utility apps such as Uber, AirBnB, Match, and others are all wildly successful with similar revenue streams to CheckN's above - via a model that only sees users going on the app when they need it.


The subscription revenue model stands out from all the rest. If CheckN were to sell subscriptions to just 4% of the restaurants in the top 25 cities in the US, it would generate an annual revenue stream valued well into the hundreds of millions of dollars annually (not guaranteed). This number is from the restaurant market alone. It does not count major brands, nightclubs, celebrity music tours, pro sports teams, business conferences etc.

Note: The brands in all visuals in this slide deck are examples only. No relationship should be inferred.


It's great to have a cool app, and robust ways to monetize it. But neither of those things is worth a lot unless a company has a strategy to scale the app to millions of users. Only then is substantial value created.

CheckN plans to execute a strategy that few startups have the ability to do. Because CheckN executives are long-time experts (from their day jobs) at successfully producing large, branded, celebrity-studded events, the Company is able execute on a simple but powerful strategy - that results in large volumes of users downloading and trialing the app without having to change their existing behavior. The next few slides explain the high-level concepts, and the details.

THE PLAN (per market)

In its simplest form, the strategy is to drive enough cool events and promotions (large and small) in each individual market that having the CheckN app becomes "cool" by definition. This may take six days, six weeks, or six months in each market. But once a critical mass of users are on the app in each market, we believe it becomes a self-sustaining model based on the benefits to the users of using the Social Utility app that "everybody else is on". The following slide details the 6 basic types of promotions planned.

Forward-looking statements are not guaranteed.

Here are a few Milestones from 2023.

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.


If you've read this far down - thank you. We know it's a lot to digest. We appreciate you taking the time to dive in deep and understand it. We've spent the last two years talking to and working with some of the smartest minds in the world to exhaustively research this industry and this app, in order to make our impending launch as successful as possible out of the gate. We hope you join us on what we expect to be an incredible journey.