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Moms leading incredible lives while achieving their breastfeeding goals

Last Funded March 2023


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📈 We've grown by 20-40% every quarter since 2020, while remaining profitable the entire time!
👶 In the US alone, over 3 million babies are born each year -- 82% of those moms plan to breastfeed
⭐ Hundreds of 5 star reviews from happy mom reviews and less than 1% return rate
🦄 Not a 1-trick pony: our mamas have multiple chillers + accessories are our fastest-growing line

Our Team

Life as a pumping mom is already hard enough, and the stress and anxiety that comes with unreliable breastmilk storage just adds to that. I know how it feels to have no other option except one that makes this already challenging journey so much harder. I wanted to do something simple and meaningful to level the playing field for pumping moms.

Moms deserved better...

Like almost every mom I know, I found breastfeeding incredibly difficult for a million reasons.

Travel away from home, long work days, or just getting out for yourself or errands is often overwhelming and unnecessarily challenging. As a breastfeeding mom, any outing that took more than a few hours required big ol’ clunky coolers and unreliable ice packs.  It was disappointing and frustrating to understand that moms were given nothing but outdated and inadequate options for keeping their breastmilk safe while on the go.  

Like you, I experienced:

  • Stress over safe milk storage when away from home
  • Milk being dumped — countless hours, energy, effort, and liquid gold down the drain
  • Heaps of plastic waste and chemical freeze packs
  • Travel security / TSA barriers to breastmilk transportation
  • Nothing but heavy & ugly bags to drag around (hello back pain!), and mountains of plastic to wash when I got home.

Staring at the bottles of breastmilk lined up on my desk, I realized I needed something much, much better than a cooler limited to 20 ounces and only 4-8 hours. I needed something that could last for my long commutes and travel, was fast + simple to use, easy to clean, reliable, and dare I say, maybe even a bit…stylish...

That’s when I decided to make this breastmilk chiller happen for all women — first responders, postal workers, soldiers, doctors, nurses, realtors, caterers, teachers, exclusive pumpers — all of them.

Welcome to the world, Ceres Chill.

Ceres [see-reez] Chill replaces the 1970s technology coolers that have been holding women back and weighing moms down for decades.

Millions of moms face the same problems

Only 2 short years into this journey, we're hitting single day sales of $125K, for Amazon Prime Day, July 2022.

I launched this company in January 2020 during the COVID pandemic, which made it that much harder to succeed, but we were determined. Constant financial gains, fantastic reviews, less than 1% returns, perfected designs, and several patent-pending products have helped us to grow 20-40% every single quarter. When we launched on Amazon in September 2022, we nearly doubled our sales. 

Today we call more than 38,000 happy moms part of our extended family.

Understanding why Ceres Chill continues to experience explosive growth

With the pandemic looming large over all of us, many parents felt an understandable pressure to continue breastfeeding. Sure, many of us were at home more and there was less demand to pump as often, but when we did need to travel away from our baby or return to the office for a few days at a time, safe and clean breastmilk storage was more important than ever.

It's no secret that today many moms are leading incredible lives as lawyers, teachers, first responders, actresses, doctors, C-Suite executives, stay-at-home caregivers, exclusive pumpers, administrative assistants, engineers, and so many others, while also juggling the same packed parenting schedule that is truly a full-time job in and of itself.  In fact, working women with infants and toddlers have increased two-fold just in the past two generations.  And this trend is not slowing down.

To compound these trends, scientific knowledge is proving what we've known intuitively for centuries: Breastmilk is gold.

Yet, even though this information is widely known, many new parents are forced to give up pumping due to their hectic work-life schedules + the inferior pumping accessories that are currently on the market.

Why is this such an exciting ride for you to take with us

1) We've proven demand, again and again.

We've been approached by hospitals, medical professional groups, and retailers about wholesale but with our massive D2C demand, we have not had enough inventory to move forward with those efforts to date. We are now at the point where we are ready to seek the right investors (moms and people who truly *get* it and know the struggle) to help us expand to reach new moms across new channels.

2) The market is ready.

3) Our moms love us.

4) We continue to lead the industry.

5) Our financials are strong. 

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

6) Our team is ready to sprint!

As of July 2022, I left my successful career as a partner at an international law firm and dedicated myself full-time to building on Ceres Chill's incredible success and innovation. The current Ceres Chill team is truly amazing.  Following this capital raise, we will be adding key talent to keep up with the accelerating growth, international markets, and continued product development.

Which leads us to ...


How your investment will be put to work

6.5% of funds raised will go towards the Wefunder intermediary fee.

What does the future hold?  

Within the next 3-6 years, Ceres Chill will likely experience a significant shift in growth and financing.  This shift could involve an acquisition by another company or another major funding round.  The company offering to buy Ceres Chill may be directly in our space (think: another breastfeeding accessories company), or potentially in a tangential space (think: a larger to-go container company that would benefit from bringing on a whole new line of products).  Forward looking projections are not guaranteed.

How does an investor make money when investing in a private company like Ceres Chill?

  • In the private market, your investment is not liquid.  This means that your investment is not cash that is available any day that you chose. Your return on a startup investment may be realized after 3-7 years when the company has a ‘liquidation event’ → for example, if it goes public, there is another major round of investment or it gets purchased.
  • When investing in the public market you ideally double your money after 10-20 years (example: $1,000 in publicly traded Acme Company stock becomes $2,000 worth of Acme Company stock that you can sell for cash on the stock market).
  • When investing in the private market there is risk and reward.  You *hope* to obtain 10 times your investment in 3-7 years. So an investment in a private company of $1,000 could be entirely lost if the company doesn't survive or it could become $10,000. 
  • We are limiting this investment opportunity to only those individuals who know the company and its products well because we want the people closest to this company to benefit first and foremost.  We're inviting customers, friends, and family to invest in this priced round. You can read more about a priced round, preferred stock, and other investing information here. But please don't be shy to ask us questions in the Q&A tab above, or directly via DM / email.
  • Because of the risk of investing in a private company, you should only invest as much as you have the ability to comfortably lose.

Moms are incredible. We deserve to live amazing lives whatever that means for each of us  without having to compromise our breastfeeding goals.

With your investment in this growing and successful brand, we will ensure real change for women and families across the world, while making money for each of our families along the way!

We answered a ton of your questions here: 

Ceres Chill financials 🏦

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Join us.

Dads get the hype too! The Chiller is helpful for the *entire* family and baby's other caregivers - give them the confidence to leave the house without stressing about packing a dozen things! Plus...it makes an epic beer chiller once this journey is over.