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Up to 70% margins due to close to zero acquisition costs for seaweed. We get paid to collect it.
Every product draws down carbon from the atmosphere and will never degrade into microplastics.
Filed intellectual property on extraction methods used to create products worth $30 - $500/kg.
Generated $50K of revenue in June alone from collections.

Our Team

Passion for the climate, ocean health, and the circular economy. Waste to product businesses have a massive cost advantage and no one was valorizing sargassum at any scale. Once we realized we could make a vegan leather, emulsifiers for many industries and biostimulant for crops we knew we had a valuable solution!


Our Mission

We’re one of the few global companies researching and developing plant-based materials from the most common tropical brown seaweed, Sargassum, and the only one with an integrated mass collection network and cascading processing operation in key points of the biggest Sargassum bloom, the Atlantic Sargassum Belt. This means huge scale and impact: capable of supplying to a global economy hungry for raw materials that are carbon neutral, non-toxic, and marine biodegradable. The end result: stronger and low-carbon economies.

We’ve developed a proprietary model for a ‘cascading’ biorefinery, which means we’ve engineered each step of our production sequence to create products and derivatives with minimal waste, energy use, or additional effort – hence the cascade to create a range of products for agriculture, textiles, personal care and cosmetics. This wide variety of raw materials and products for agriculture, textiles, personal care and cosmetics crafted from excess seaweed waste allows for us to touch a vast range of markets and partner with recognizable companies to deliver high quality products you may soon find in your own home. The positive environmental impact of our biodegradable and carbon neutral products includes happen to be biodegradable and carbon neutral actually help reduce and offset emissions from fossil fuels and traditional plastics non-recyclable materials, while minimizing waste.

Our Products

There is an increasing quantity of this valuable resource literally laying on beaches or taken to rot in landfills, and C-Combinator is the one who has figured out how to take the Sargassum and make valuable products out of it. We have been working with local governments and resorts to form contracts where they actually pay us to remove the Sargassum. It's a tremendous advantage to have a company built on a near-zero cost of goods, and we are looking at incredibly high margins of up to 70%. We have generated to $80,000 since mid-March 2021 launch, securing our negative raw material cost. 

Our Team 

As a company leading the way in the next-generation sustainable economy, we’ve assembled a global team of experts representing the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Germany, and more. It is through our team's multi-disciplinary expertise that we are able to understand the scope of the Sargassum emergency, the role humanity plays in creating it, and how we can harness the power of this brown seaweed to close the circular economy and benefit communities around the world, starting in the Atlantic and Caribbean.


Current Investors:
City Light
– Has invested in 2U (NASDAQ: TWOU), Koru (acquired by Cappfinity), Envoy (raised $88 million to date); and OhmConnect (raised $100 million to date)

Incite Ventures – Fund started by Swati Mylavarapu and Matt Rogers, one of the first engineers on the original iPhone and involved in the development of 5 iPhones and the first iPad. As co-founder of Nest, Matt built the team that built the first learning thermostat and the leading connected home brand.

Baruch Future Ventures – Has invested in Geltor (raised $91.3 million to date); Relativity Space (raised $500 million to date); and Menlo Security ($800 million valuation, raised $250 million to date)

If you've ever felt hopeless or were unsure where we are headed as a planet, this is a distinct solution that can scale now and make a big difference for climate, for the circular economy, and for the next generation.

Please help us do something that has never been done before.